HA HA!! my bike is running. here i am on it.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by lucky13, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Hey Lucky.Eno (Down Under)...Nice ride..Have you thought of extending your muffler down and under so you dont fry your calf muscles..Most local mufflers fitters will extend and fit for around $30AU..also gives the exhaust a little more "groan" instead of "ping"..Have posted a pic of our extension..Keep us posted with pics etc..good luck..Eno in Oz

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    ahoy ENO!,


    I do plan on on a new exhaust.
    I would like to have one similar to what you posted,
    but i would like it to end at the rear drop outs.

    I'm also fabricating a piece of steel to fit in the frame for a dummy gas tank.
    I think the only problem will be matching that green paint.

    I have alot of plans for this, and many others.
    i wonder which though will make it to life.