Had a little metal chip come off & fixed with JB Weld

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  1. jacks_bike

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    Bout 4 days ago was going over all the fittings and noticed a little flake/chip came off by one of the carb intake bolts (on the engine). Not much - like a soap flake..looks like it was right at a seam in the engine mold. anyways mixed up a small dollop of jb weld and put it on the flaked off part - sat over night and been ridin for 3 days with no problems. Heat doesnt seem to bother it either.... That JB weld is great stuff - even used it to repair a plastic gas tank leak for the riding mower 3 yrs ago and still holding with no leaks...

  2. motorpsycho

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    hmmm, was this "chip" affecting anything or was it just a peice of slag/flash left over from the casting process?
    personally, i would have not jb welded it back on, I would have just left it off.
    j.b. weld is nothing more than EXPOY, and I will not use J.B. weld on anything that I own.
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    epoxy has its place. I wouldn't repair a frame with it-- not in any way where the structural integrity depends on the epoxy-- but I use it for lots of things. Heck, I reassembled a shattered toilet with liquid epoxy and epoxy putty once-- the drunken roommate of my ex took a baseball bat to it because they were getting kicked out of the apartment the next day, and it could not be flushed until it was reassembled. Thanks to me, they got their entire security deposit back. Needless to say, he owed me BIG for that one...
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    Yeah it was just a piece of slag - it was right on the side next to the bolt shaft on the carb. Left sorta an indentation and figured it was safer to build up the side with some strength. Didnt want a weak spot next to a bolt shaft - coulda caused future problems or not - better safe than sorry in my book. The metal on these is probably made from fridges, stoves, washers and dryers that we ship over there for them to melt down and remake everything from replica coins to MB bike engines and the bolts that go with them. So far no problems and one less worry.
  5. jacks_bike

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    The slag piece was gone - fell off somewhere - just used to strenghten. Great stuff for farm use around here. I sell and repair old soda and beer cans with the stuff. When you are looking at either 45 bucks for a new plastic gas tank or 5 bucks to repair a crack in it...... jb wins hands down.