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    A few miles from my house is a county park called Treaty Park. The parks is supposed to mark where there was a treaty signed with the Indians. At any rate. I pulled over and stopped for a minute where a couple weeks ago an 18 year old girl on a dirt bike was killed by a drunk driver. I got up to the park and was riding around when I saw a dog in the middle of the roadway. Not on a leash like it was supposed to be! The owner was close by. I laid on the air horn. That got the dog upset and he (a pit bull) started after me barking and snarling. Needless to say once we were beside each other I opened it up and left the dog in my dust! The owner, this whole time was calling the dog. The dog wasn't listening at all. Makes me wish I had some pepper spray!:veryangry:


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    Wow. I haven't really encoutered an agressive dog on my motorbike. If I couldn't outrun the canine, I guess I would have to dump 2 stroke oil on him from my spare bottle.
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    Bee and wasp spray work good too and are not illegal any ware as far as I know.

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    Bad dog owner!
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    Pit bulls

    Pit Bulls are a mean breed for sure but that Mb shoukld easily blow him away. Doggies think they got the jump on you while on a bicycle until the sound of the motor kicks in! If a dog wants to run out in front of me, well, mutt, you take your chances,lol. I use my Mb to get to work on a regular basis and encountered a variety of dogs here on the streets of San Francisco but not one of those little suckers has caught me yet,lol. Though I do ride by the Zoo so who knows. Maybe an escaped tiger or lion will get me,lol.
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    The scary part was getting to where he was so that I could speed up. I figured I could out run him but I had to get past him without getting bit first. I have some wasp and hornet killer spray so I think I'll go back there again this morning and see if he is there again.:devilish:

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    wasp/hornet spray in the eyes can cause eye damage though (petroleum distillates) ... which could get you sued. Ammonia water in a squirtgun would be better.
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    As Lou says, above, Ammonia or Ammonia Water in a squirt gun or Spray Bottle, works very well. I remember this from my 'Paper Delivery' days. It works very well, and will send them yelping...altho I will not advocate permanently injuring any dog...if it comes down to me or them...well...
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    are you 100% it was a pitbull? pitbull is a loose term used to describe a muscular dog placed in a pit to fight other dogs many people consider american & english staffshire terriers, ridge backs, pogo's, american bull dogs, lion terriers, and some smaller mastif's as pitbulls. anyhow the air horn is what seems to agravate the dog its like pokeing a bear with a stick..... seems you made the feel threatened.....anyways they do sell pepper spray designed for animals you can useualy find it in camping stores or sometimes pet/feed stores. You know so you dont perminatly harm the dong how would you like some one to spray you in the face and go blind from it...
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    It was a pit bull. As far as hurting the dog goes, well it had intentions of attacking me. If I permanently hurt it or even killed it, so be it. It was supposed to be on a leash. If the owner had been caught by the police without a leash on the dog he would have been ticketed no if ands or buts. Too many kids in the park to take a chance. Back to the attack. If it had been some other type of animal I doubt you or anyone else would have a problem with using wasp killer on it under those circumstances. I don't hate dogs. I have had at least one all my life except for the past 10 years.

    BTW, I have done worst things to humans. Picture a chain from a chainsaw across the chest as an example.

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    Hi Terry,

    Your quote --->
    BTW, I have done worst things to humans. Picture a chain from a chainsaw across the chest as an example.

    Should we forget the beer or the coffee then?

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    Actually, I always ride armed - for exactly those kinds of circumstances. Never had a close call, but you were pretty close to one.
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    Dog attacks when you are on a bicycle can be a huge problem - especially for children on small bikes. Anyone who lets their dog run loose, most especially an aggressive dog, needs to be horse-whipped, in my estimation.

    The dog is merely following its nature and training (or more likely, lack of training), it is the owner who is too blame and who ought to suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, all too often, things don't work out that way.

    I was attacked and mauled as a small boy, while riding my bicycle on a county road, by a large alsation. Nothing was done about it, because the woman who owned the dog was the mother of the county sheriff's patrol sergeant for the area. So, a few months later, I emptied a revolver into the dogs chest as he charged me. I was 7 years old.
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    LOL! No, that was back when I was in High School. The mid 60's. Other than in Vietnam I haven't killed or wounded anyone. I mellowed out! Coffee or beer is still a go.

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    Sounds to me like you don't dare to forget !


    On the subject, the ammonia water is the best solution. BTDT

    Just put it in an ordinary pump bottle with an adjustable spray. The kind you use to clean the windows with.

    Wasp and hornet killer is what I carry for bears. (And I have had a BIG one stalking me a few times over the past few weeks. I live right on the edge of national forest. And they have come way down, this year, because foraging was almost non-existant where they normally forage. And they HAVE to put some weight on SOON.)

    W&H spray has a couple of advantages over regular bear spray.

    For one, they will generally spray pretty accurately for up to 35 feet. Whereas the bear spray is all over the place, and only good for about 10 to 15 feet.

    And for another, there is just something about W&H spray that makes any and every animal, change it's mind about the direction it wants to go... Whenever the spray comes anywhere within it's general area. Can't say that for pepper spray. You gotta hit the critters full in the face with the pepper spray. And even that, is not always a deterrent.

    If you have wasp and hornet spray, you do not have to actually spray a dog with it. Just spray in the general direction. It WILL catch that killer smell, if it is anywhere within 10 feet of the spray.

    I have NEVER seen dog, cat, or any other animal, continue coming my direction, when I spray W&H killer in their general direction. They generally beat feet trying to be anywhere BUT where that cloud of spray just happened...

    For bike riding... I have never seen ammonia water -fail- to make a dog or cat change it's dastardly ways, in a hurry.
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    my neighbor had a pitbull that would frequently come onto my property. that pitbull once had a run in with my weedeater... the next day, it was GONE(that part wasn't my doing).
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    I had a run in with a critter Tuesday, right outside my front door. Darnedest thing - I was unlocking my car door to go to the Dr's office for a cast change, when I felt something tugging at my left ankle, and a funny hi-pitched "grrrrrrrr". So I stepped back, and this "dog" came out from under my Corolla, still latched onto the left cuff of my jeans.

    I say "dog", in quotes, because while it was shaped like a dog, and it sort of acted like a dog, it wasn't as big as a sewer rat. I tried to yank my foot away from it (hard to do while balancing on a cast on the other foot), but all I could do was kind of shake it around in mid-air. So, I opened the car door and sat down in the seat with my feet on the ground. The little beggar never let go. I looked at him a minute, then figured what the heck, and grabbed my bottle of Armor-All and squirted him in the face. He just got louder and higher pitched in his "growling", but didn't let go.

    It was funny, but also annoying - I had an appointment to keep. He had a collar on, and was clean and well fed, but I've never seen him before. I didn't want to hurt the wee beastie, but he had to come loose, so I grabbed his collar and picked him up - he kept his grip and kept growling. So, I transferred my grip to his muzzle, pinched his nose and mouth shut, and held him till lack of oxygen made him release his grip on my pants leg. Then I tossed him over the fence into the neighbors back yard, closed the door, and left.

    When I returned he came out of the bushes alongside my house and was "threatening" me before I shut the car off. I looked around, and saw that my neighbor was on her front porch, so I asked her if she knew whose dog that was - she said no, is he bothering you? I told her what had happened earlier, and she laughed, grabbed her broom, and started swatting the critter. He was then too busy fighting the broom to bother me, so I got out and inside.

    I dug out my old sonic phaser pistol (it puts out a beam of ultrasound that will knock a man down at 15 feet), put a new battery in it, and went back out. He promptly charged at me, so I fired the pistol at him - it knocked him cold. For a minute I was afraid I'd killed him, but he got up, staggered around, and then started at me again, so I brushed him with the beam again. He finally got enough of that, and left.

    I gotta remember to carry the pistol when I'm out now - he seems to think my yard and front porch are HIS TERRITORY, and I'm an intruder.
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    Simon ..thats a funny story..sounds like one of those "fighting Chiuauas" they are breeding in Miami...just give him a taco or something from Taco Bell once in a while..them little buggers do have sharp teeth though
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    I found a company called Loompanics in the mid-70's that sold all kinds of rather odd printed materials, including books on building improvised weapons, the infamous "Black Books", books on how to change your identity, books on a whole lot of socially disapproved topics across the political and social spectrums. They were in Port Townsend, WA, and I became a regular customer of theirs,

    In 1976 I bought a set of plans in pamphlet form to make a "sonic phaser", and proceeded to build three of them, increasing my power output with each succeeding iteration. The 3rd one was quite successful at knocking over a 200+ pound man at about 15-20 feet - he never knew what hit him. That one I kept. The plans pamphlet is long gone.

    Loompanics closed in 2006.

    By the way - above a certain power level, they are considered "prohibited weapons". Police forces REALLY don't like them, or even the idea of civilian possession of them. Another nice little toy they don't like is the backpack sprayer adapted to mix and eject a spray of quick setting contact adhesive which, if the user properly treats his footwear against, won't slow him down. It darned sure glues everybody else down, and to anything they touch, including each other. That one was invented by a well-known science fiction author, actually.