Had to "Choke" My Dog Today-LOL

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  1. been waiting 2 days to start the Moon dog, been raining, and didn't want the road grime all over the new bike. was 34* had to use the choke to start it.
    got a 28T sprocket, maybe it will run like a greyhound.:devilish:


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  2. Mountainman

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    that's a very pretty motor bike that you got going on there

    have fun -- be safe -- as you -- ride that THING
  3. Thank You, I enjoy painting, hate welding. I try to watch what the guys do to the engines, but they say its a secret.
    They thought it was funny to put Lexan windows on this one, So that I could "SEE" what the engine is doing.:goofy:

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  4. Mountainman

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    yes -- took some more long dong mountain looks at your MB and paint job

    super -- super super...

    yes -- that welding I think should be left to the experts also
    I welded when I was young -- full time for a short while -- hated it -- boring !!!
    but today -- for any welding I need done
    I go to my longtime friend -- he's a true expert welder
    can'r beat a man at his trade -- no reason to play around

    how many miles you got on that motor bike THING ?

  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Yes, the "windows" are interesting. And it's a good looking bike.

    28 teeth? Hold on tight, okay?
  6. only got 12 miles on it so far, thought it would be sluggish off the line,but it pulls steady, Howard says it could "Run" better, but has it jetted for the sea level.
    I get out of A and P class, today is last day,going to take it to Clearwater to stretch its legs. leaving Sunday.
    When we had the Jaguar down there, it wanted to foul the plug, it's jetted at .035 and the third notch on the needle, moved it to the leanest and it was okay.
    The "Moon Dog" he says is at .032 and the second notch.
    What jetting do You Florida guys use?
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