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    I had been trying to reach someone at Pirate to purchase about 500.00 worth oif parts and never could get anyone on the phone and my emails have still not been answered. I ended up getting most of my list from Piston instead. I wonder whats up with Pirate. Does anyone know whats going on with them ?

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    Some vendors refuse to sell you parts just because you are the wrong kind of person or because you use bad grammar or punctuation.

    The motor bicycling community can be a cliquey place at times.

    I have no idea what is going on with Pirate but they do not answer my emails either.
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    This hobby is a low profit margin for many of the businesses that sell motorized bicycle parts. Because of the low profit margin, Pirate doesn't hire the extra personnel for customer service. They aren't going to change their business model even if they lose business - it's been proven over and over again. They are the kind of business where you better know exactly what you want because they don't accept returns and like you know, they don't answer phones or Emails. If you are inquiring about an out-of-stock item, you might as well wait till the website indicates it is available because...

    We all know their customer service sucks and live with it. Live with reality and don't have any expectations of Pirate.

    Be Happy and enjoy the ride!

    AKA: BigBlue
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    This is the email I sent them and don't see a problem with it. I read where aother people really put them up on a pedestal because of the great customer service and fast shipping times. Not sure what kind of person I need to be to fit into a vendors category. Wrong kind of person ? Not sure what that means. If I am spending upwards of 500.00 I would think one could overlook what kind of person you are. I am never rude or disrespectful and try to use proper grammer. Heres the email :

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    I currently came acrossa Skyhawk 66 cc engine kit. I have watched many of the videos on youtube about all the different problems people encounter during and after the build. Before I start my build I want to buy the necessary upgrades that will help me keep the inherent problems with this kit down to a minimum. I will list the areas or items that I learned about and will allow you to make your recommendations as to what I need to make this kit work right.
    I am installing the kit on an Iron Horse MT 500R Bike 21 speed.

    (Rear Hub) - I want to get away from the rag joint coupler.

    (Rear sprocket or Drive Sprocket) - What tooth count do you suggest ? Or see next note:
    I have 32 spoke wheels and the rear hub is 1.117. You indicate the Hub Adapter will not jive with 32 spoke wheels so I need to know which wheels I will need to buy and do you suggest that I get away from the caliper style brakes. I noticed this Tire : 26x1.95 kenda Kross TIRE (No Chain Rub) You suggest the 68 Spoke Sprocket. Did you mean to say Tooth instead of Spoke ? I have looked on your site and can not find the 68 tooth sprocket. So, please clarify this for me.

    (Fuel Tank Shutoff) - Do you have a better one that does not leak like the one supplied with the kit ?

    ( Kip Springer Chain Tensioner) - I noticed there is a 10T sprocket that can be purchased with this. Does it need it to complete the kit ?

    (Cone Shaped Air Filter) - Is there an adapter needed to mount it to the Carb ?

    (Carburetor) - How do I tell if I already have the CNS V2 Performance Carb . If I do not have it then what are the advantages of getting one and will I need the Pre Tapped Billet Intake. I plan on running the Boost Bottle.

    I only want to do this build one time and would like everything I need in one shipment so when I do get started I will have no down time.

    Thank you
  5. 2/75 RANGER LRRS

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    Thanks Chris. I will take that advice. I will say though that Pistonbikes took the time to advice me on the proper parts and were very budget minded. I am not on a budget and like to buy the best part for the purpose intended so I may have spent more than I should have but the bike will last and will give me very few if any problems. I have an employee that does not have a car and lives about 3 miles away. He leaves my shop Master-Tech Automotive in Kyle at 5:15 and its really hot here in Texas around that time so peddling his bike was about to give him a heat stroke. We went to the pawnshop and bought this Ironhorse bike for 30 bucks and he already had the engine kit that was given to him by his cousin who found it in an apartment he was cleaning near the campus here. I think it will be a reliable mode of transportation for him. I care about the guys that work for me and don't mind doing this for him plus it will be fun.
  6. Fabian

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    Bad customer service is one thing but refusing to sell parts to potential customers as is the case with Arrow Motorized Cycles is a completely different story.

    It takes the concept of being in the "clique" to a whole new level.