Haggards self built and designed bikes

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Haggard, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Haggard

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    what ya think??

  2. istbenz

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    give us some info about 'em
  3. gone_fishin

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    that's awesome you have your "own" thing, the work looks really solid 8)
  4. psuggmog

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    expansion chambers

    Beautiful. I always appreciate the build your own mentality.
    Do you fabricate your own expansion chambers? Which Vancouver? BC, Washington or?
  5. Fun stuff. It looks like you are using Pocket bike engines and parts. I have something in the works with the same engine how well does it propel a bike?
  6. Haggard

    Haggard Guest

    wow thanks for the enthusiam and thumbs up fellas. I'm in Vancouver,Canada, and mile high nailed it. yes i use the same parts as they use for pocket bikes only because I havent a clue what else to use. My brother messed around with chainsaw motors and chopsaw motors and I came across this 49cc cag off a pocket bike.
    my biggest problem was the gearing as it was geared to turn a pocket bike tire which is a lit smaller than a 26'' bicycle tire. to gear it correctly ,i would need a back sprocket roughly the size of the tire .
    To get around this ,I ran the original pocket bike front sprocket and back sprocket which i connected to the rear tire hub after cutting away the rim. I ran the hub on original back axle and connected a pulley to it aswell which runs a vbelt down to pulley mounted on rear tire. I'll try post a close up of the workings as its kinda hard to see from the pics.
    quickly rereading this. i think it might be a little hard to follow . excuse me but i'm trying to get this off quickly as have to go to work . will give a proper layout of system tommorow


    if u look closly at this terrible pic{sorry}, you can see the chain from motor running forward to sprocket connected to pulley running vbelt down to wheel
    I am honestly amazed what this 49cc will do over 40mph on straight stretch and takes off from dead stop real well also.
  7. Haggard

    Haggard Guest

    you can see the chain and belt setup a little better in this pic
  8. Great solution to the problem. I was worried about the gearing so when I picked up an engine I grabed one of the Continuously Variable Transmissions that fit the PB engines. I am hoping that by having the tranny it will take care of that problem.
  9. Haggard

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    Thanks Mile-High. I looked at what i thought was a cv gearbox on a 49cc engine but i am pretty sure all it was was a different clutch housing with a chain and sprocket changing absolutely nothing as far as gear ratio. the bigger pb engines have them though . the 70 cc and 125 i believe. what size is the one you have and is it a 2 stroke or 4??
  10. I have a 49cc 2 stroke and got a CVT to fit it that uses a belt and changes the size of the pulley depending on speed and torque. It works very much like the Variator found on older Peugeot and Motobecane mopeds. I got the engine and CVT last week and the bike to put it on yesterday. Now the problem is more snow and cold on the way here in Colorado. Oh well just have to go snowboarding.
  11. Haggard

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    really 'i'm firmiliar with the cvt's same as most snowmobiles use . didn't realise they made one that would adapt to 49cc cag where u get it and how much ?any other info you might have on it??
  12. Haggard

    Haggard Guest

    thanks again Mile high.I'll have a look
    here's another of my bikes
    picture taken at wierd angle .lol i thought it looked kinda cool
  13. luke

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    home builds are great.theres something very pleasing about getting an idea of the ground and succesfully compleating it.thanks for pics.
  14. Dr. J.

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    For some reason your pictures have disappeared. I really enjoyed your creations. I am very interested in your gearing. How many teeth on the motor sprocket and how many teeth does the sprocket have that it is connected to? Also, how big (inches) are your two v-belt pulleys (the one on the rear wheel and the one on the jackshaft).


    Dr. J.
  15. gone_fishin

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    sorry about that...we still find a few pics here & there that need to be edited to the new forum url.
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    Howdy Fellas.WOW nice to see all the interest.
    Dr. J
    stock gearing on these 49cc' s is 6/68. they also come in other sizes such as 7 tooth ,64 tooth etc.
    When i finallystarted getting the gearing close .I coulda kicked myself for missing the obvious.
    The problem was i was trying to turn a much larger tire than it was designed for.
    Now I am not the sharpest tool in the shop and have no mechanical background of anykind so my formula might sound a little (simplestupid) to some of you fellas.
    i realized right away that to turn a tire 4 or 5 times larger , i would need a sprocket 4 or 5 times llarger which meant a sprocket not much smaller than the 26 inch bicycle tire i was mounting it to which is why i had to step it down twice .
    after tryiing the hit and miss approach for awhile which consisted of different pulleys, belts to match , trying to work different sprockets into the equation to fine tune the ratio and then 1 day , like a vision bursting across the sky(arlo guthrie line)lol,i realized how simple it was.
    Take the circumference of the original tire, the circumference of the new drive tire,calculate the ratio(2.5 to 1, 3 to 1 or whatever it is,and apply that ratio to your pulleys.
    i Believe the original tire was 32 inches and the 26 inch bicycle tire was approx 80 inches in circ.
    i assumed that if 32 goes into 80 excactly 2.5 times, i should be dead on if i use a 2.5 to 1 ratio if i ran it in conjunction with original gearing.
    so if i throw a 5 inch pulley running to a 12 inch pulley which is approx. 2.5 to1 , i should in theory bee getting the same travel distance per engine revolution.
    Hope yer following so far?? I'm about as good at explaining things as I am at ratios and Algebra'
    T%he reason i mention algebra is because even though a 12inch pulley aoppears to be 2and2/5th's times larger than the 5 inch pulley, the diameters are 15 and 35 respectively which is a 2 and a third to 1 ratio.a 10 inch pulley is 28inches circ.`which would give you just under a 2 to 1 ratio which would gear me a little higher than the pocket bike.
    Now heres where your bike is going to go ok or it's gona go like a raped ape because the difference between 2.5 , 2and 2/5th's and 2 and a third will make it or break it
    If its geared a touch to low ,you'll be revving to high and running hot which will decrease your power and if its geared a touch too high,it'll start lugging toward the high rpm range and it wont get maximum revs out of it which will cost you speed`
    I geared it down about 5% and got an extra 5 mph out of it so the ratio you use is highly dependent on the motor your using,
    I am currently using a 5and a half inch pulley running down to a twelve inch with the stock 6 to 68 tooth gears. i used the 5 and a half with a 10 inch sprocket and was ok but this game me a little mire bottom end and didnt cost me neo top speed as i can wind it up a little more .
    sorry for rambling and hope this helps more than it confuses.
    will gladly try to answer any other questiosns


    OH built a full suspension using basically the same design with same type of motor . got some chrome running boards for free so cut out some full fenders for front and back ,bent and shaped by hand and with a vise. turned out exc. get comments all day long on them. even nicer than the chrome ones on my schwinn cruiser.
    `i kept them square cut and flat at the back with an oversized flareout and rounded and arched the fronts. got enough material to make 1 more set which have already been sold for $150 to the same fella that gave me the running boards lol I amaze myself sometimes ??!!!?? lol will post picks if anyone wants to see or try it also they really make the bike as i used the same running boards to make my gas tank supports etc.
  17. srdavo

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    I appreciate your explanation of your gearing issues.

    also, I'd like to see your fenders & stuff from the running boards.
  18. Dr. J.

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    Thanks Haggard for your gearing reply! I have done the math based upon your gearing and come up with 24.69:1 gear ratio.

    68T/6T = 11.33

    12"/5.5" = 2.18

    11.33 x 2.18 = 24.69

    24.69:1 overall gearing ratio using two decimal places


    If possible, I would love to see some closeup pictures of your jackshaft assembly. What components did you use to make the jackshaft?

    Thanks again,

    Dr. J.
  19. jeffspeeder

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    about how fast is ur top speed on that bike with motor?