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    Hello from sunny ?? Jacksonville, FL :cool2:

    Ten years ago I got a cheap electric friction motor kit off eBay that I used for over a year... gave me about ten miles at probably 10 miles an hour, had a heavy (lead acid?) battery that was always swinging around, throwing my balance off. The connectors were always coming loose and I re-wired some with RCA audio connectors, but others I was unable to change, and at times you'd catch me re-plugging while riding. Dangerous :rolleyes5:

    The friction wheel was metal with sharp-ish edges. It attached between the seat post and the wheel, but was designed for a much bigger post than my old 1970s Schwinn, so I had to wedge in lots of rubber to keep it from shifting (which it did anyway, but less often). Because it shifted and had sharp-ish edges, it popped a few tires so I eventually installed a solid tire. This kept me from losing tires -- there was even a nice wide groove that the friction motor cut into the solid tire -- but the solid tire eventually warped the rim. It was a $10 bike so that was no big deal, and I wasn't about to take that solid tire back off (a huge fight to get it on the first time!).

    LOL what an experience. Hey, I saved about $300 on the kit over similar motors :) And despite its faults it did get me to work on time. Though next time I may pay a little more.

    Fast forward ten years and a marriage with kids. I just got a new job and will be travelling about the same distance as I did last time, six miles. I want some exercise, but I don't have as much free time as I did ten years ago, so I need to spend as little time biking as possible.

    I also don't want to arrive poring with sweat; I recall that ten years ago it wasn't too heavy exercise. I also would like to save some gas money, and give my wife access to the car.

    A bike motor fits all purposes; I can spend just half an hour extra a day on the bike, which of course means half an hour of moderate exercise. Plus it saves about $35/month, and gives the wifey a car. So it's like I'm getting paid $35/month to exercise half an hour a day. Pretty good deal.

    My biggest concern will be travelling along a six-lane road which is marked as 45MPH. (For Jax residents, Southside Blvd. from the Avenues to Tinsel Town).

    That's not bad enough, but several pieces "feel" like a freeway and so most travel at 60+MPH. Yikes :sweatdrop:

    To add to it, I'll be riding at night, so tail lights will be a must, perhaps with a flag and reflector. I'm also considering adding knee and elbow pads and a mirror to my excellent helmet.

    Unfortunately there's no alternate route which is any safer. So I'm having second thoughts. Your input is encouraged.

    Motorized biking is definitely a cool way to arrive in style! If only the Florida laws weren't so heinous about bike speed limits, I could strap on a serious motor and get there in no time :evilgrin:

    Cool forum, glad it's out here. Thanks for letting me share my story, and God bless!
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  2. Hello and welcome,

    I lived in Jax Beach back in my Navy days in the late 60s, early 70s. If I become a sunbird now that I'm retired, North Florida may again become my part time residence.

    Your route does sound a tad dangerous. I'd recommend several blinking LED taillights and several reflectors. I wrap reflective red tape around any verticle or near verticle surface on the back of my bikes also. Wear a reflective safety vest as well. You may look like a nerd, but being a live nerd is better than being a dead duck. Best of luck to you.

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    I tend to be nerdy, but it got me a killer job so -- nerdiness is cool with me! Yep I agree, SS Blvd. + biking + night = much visibility.
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    I live out north of the Jax airport, but go to the southside a couple of times a week. That sounds like a dangerous commute to me, but I am old, so what do I know. I do attend the Cars and Coffee at the Wild Wing Cafe in front of the Tinsel Town theater and eat often at Jason's Deli nearby. Good luck with your travels, George.
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    Heh, small world. Or maybe it's a big forum :)

    I may ask the local police officers to keep a better watch on that stretch. It's easy to speed, heck I catch myself going 55-60 there if I don't pay attention. Right where SS Blvd. crosses under JTB really feels like it should be a high speed expressway...