Hailing from Metro Detroit!

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    10415587_10201749637734716_532125787785517294_n.jpg 10202062206828748.jpg

    (The most recent pics I have of it...ugh that old muffler!!!)

    Found the forums during a google search a while ago and finally decided to join. Here's my rig. 80cc, dellorto carb, jackshaft, boost bottle, extended length clutch handle, and expansion chamber muffler.
    I've been building these since 2004 and this is my 5th? block so far. My current rig has the front mount adapter but i need to drill out one of the holes where a bolt broke off inside so its only sitting on 5 mount bolts. The engine sways a little bit at low rpm...okay, it sways a lot. Unfortunately, I had to adjust the jackshaft so the gear ratio is very very off (great for summer riding, horrible for winter riding). I cannot get the pedal gearset apart to change the ratio around so I'll be burning clutch pads until i can fix that. I'm also having trouble putting the throttle cable in the carb properly so the engine is always a little revved (embarrassing at stop lights because with the boost bottle you can have it sit at ~150rpm and sound like a harley when properly tuned). I'm excited to meet people who can share my joys and pains and exchange information!! P.S. The police in my area give me thumbs up and have never pulled me over unless i'm going 15+ over the speed limit and that's usually to retest the radar and ask the standard questions (i'm sure you all have heard them a million ughhh times) where i got it, how much it costs, how fast it goes, blah blah

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    Welcome to the forum/. It looks like quite a hotrod.
  3. KCvale

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    Hi Caplain, welcome to the site.

    Looks like you built it direct drive first, then re-built it with the sick bike parts jackshaft.
    That's a messy job I dislike doing but you did well.

    So you need to pull the crank arm off the sprocket freewheel correct?

    If you haven't already done so, and NGK 5944 (BPR6HIX) Iridium would be a cheap upgrade while you are at SBP, the 6 is a heat reference and a 6 or even a 5 would be best for winter weather, 6 or 7 in summer.
  4. MotorBikePaul

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    Welcome fellow Detroiter.

    5th build @ age 28...I am 50 and on my 1st build!

  5. darwin

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    Welcome, how many miles have you put on that seat? Is that the Volvo of seats?
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    thanks wheelbender6 lol it's a demon child tbh.

    This is my first jackshaft build and it's okay so far after 2 months of battling with it. Was a ROYAL pain getting it working. 5 stitches after realigning the chain and the clutch slipped and pulled my finger in. fun times.

    I have the same plug in it that came with the block (about 1 yr old(i replace the block once a year...bad luck mainly)) but thanks for the recommendation as I had no idea (nor did autozone etc clerks). I'll stock up. I've been going through stators too. 5 or so this year so far. I need to either take the 5 alan head bolts out of the front freewheel and swap the gears around or what it's looking more like buying a whole new crankset $100+ but then i can just swap sets for different ratios but would rather not do that.

    i put i would assume about 200+ miles on it easily. there is nothing left of the seat now. i need a new saddle.
  7. KCvale

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    Naw, once you pull the crank arm from the bearing you chain sprockets with ease.
    Don't forget to install the sprockets with the most space between teeth as you can get, and put the Jump Stop on the seat post to keep the chain from jumping off inside.
  8. Caplain

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    the bolts holding the sprockets to the front freewheel wont budge, though. i bent my alan wrenches trying to take it apart to put a bigger gear on. my chain doesn't jump especially after the stern lecture i gave it about my happiness :p i'm also considering installing an electric starter and the centrifugal clutch. nothing like saying "hey, watch this" and pressing a button on a remote starter to start up my...bicycle
  9. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Did you get your crank arm out of the bearing?
    The 5 bolts have nuts on the inside, you remembered to take them off right? hehe ;-}
    Most freewheels have no threads but some have 2 sets of holes, one set is threaded, but it should always be easy to change the inner sprocket by just removing the nuts.

    Priceless ;-}
  10. Caplain

    Caplain New Member

    When I turn the bolts the nuts turn too. When I secure the nuts my allen wrench bends. I am tempted to use a nutbreaker on it and buy new nuts
  11. Fly1

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