Hairpin Saddle, Who's used one?

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    I really like the look of the hairpin style saddle, I just want some input on what you think about comfort and size, I think there are two sizes i have seen the large it measures 16" spring to spring and is 9 inches wide and im not sure about the smaller one, anyone used these?


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  3. robin bird

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    I have used for over 25 years -on the same saddle -a brooks saddle -see wallingford cycle -it took one season to break in but then it feels like a glove

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    Love the QUALITY ones. It's a good look with class and style, but the cheap one's will break you down. Quality (such as brooks), once broken in, is the most comfortable ride you'll ever have... San Francicsco to New York and my bum was the only comfortable part, due to the quality leather, sprung saddle.
    Trying to ride WA to IN- the cheap replica hairpin saddle was horrible; just gawd awful! I changed it out first chance I had...
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    buy the real thing !!!

    I was at a motor bike shop just the other day unclepunk
    they had what they called (just like the Brooks) seats for sale
    as nice as they looked -- something told me -- hold back
    after hearing what you have said here reminds me

    it pays off in the long run to buy the real thing !!!

    ride the motor bike thing
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    Absolutely; quite often the old adage "you get what you pay for" holds true. With these saddles I will now hold off a purchase, in order to pay the extra few bucks for quality...The el-cheapo repop seat had lesser spring tension, and therefore sagged so far down so as to not only put my lower back in a bad position, but it contacted the top of the seat post and was something akin to being "a little too personal" on rough surfaces.:ack2:
    believe me it's worth the wait for a good, high quality seat.