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    I have a hand brake that I thought would fit a fat tire it said it would but guess what it want.:-(
    I got it from spooky tooth cycles part #30708
    So my ? is what kind of hand brake do I need to get.Spooky Tooth Cycles said it should work
    but it don't so I had to take it off my bicycle/trike.
    Now all I have is the coaster brake only guess its better than no brake huh.I have a 26"x2.125 rim and my tire is a cheng shin tire C-1218 ( 26x2.125 ) I really like these tire I have use these tire for a long time I know some people don't like the name brand of tire but they have always work out good for me.As far a set of fenders to work on my setup I give up guess these tire are just to fat for a fender.These tire are thick and wide.
    Any help on this would be nice.For all the people that read my last post thanks for the good comments.I am lost on the hand brake I do want help if I can get some.I'm such a :dunce:

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    How does your handbrake work?

    Does it rub on the tire?

    Hey man, I have a coaster brake on "The Dragon Lady". When I bought it new, I had the bike shop install a front side-pull brake before it rolled off the showroom.

    I rode it like that for two years; it was plagued with coaster brake lockup, which destroyed the rear tire, wheel and brake assembly.:sweatdrop:

    A few months ago I installed that front side-pull brake in the rear. Now I have front vee brakes, rear side-pull brake and coaster brake.

    Works like a charm, even after speeds of 38mph.

    :idea:BTW, that side-pull brake is very resonably priced.
  3. Mountainman

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    just how tight is the brake ((pads)) to the wheel

    have you tried removing the pads then slipping the wheel through
    I know -- Iam sure that you have

    usually most if not all brakes fit fine to rim
    it's the getting over the tire that may be hard

    have seen times where someone let some air out of tires
    so as to slip through brake pads
    I perfer to just remove pads -- slip tire through -- pads back on -- ready to

    ride that THING
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    The hand brake hits the tire it want even get to the rim at all.Even if you try to put the pads on there is no room for them on the rim.I think I know what is wrong its my tires.These tire are so wide not like any other tire I have had before.But I guess I am stuck with no hand brake until these tire wears out.Then I will get different tires and then re try to install my hand brake.Thats the only way I see it at at this time but any input on this is more than welcome.I have no brake pads on at this time.The brake it self hits the tire.Thanks
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  5. azbill

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    I have seen these kind of brakes fit if they get mounted to the REAR of the fork (instead of the front)
    worth a try at least
    good luck
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Let ALL the air outa the tire, then install.

    Maybe the rims are too wide.

    If tire is too wide, change to smaller tire.

    If rim is too wide, change to narrower rim.

    Best to do that than run bike with no hand brake.
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    I'm running caliper brakes front and rear on my bike with 26x2.125 wheels and tires. One caliper is from a 20" BMX style bike- fits fine. A caliper from a thin tire road bike won't work, but anything sized for BMX or mountain should.

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  8. Mountainman

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    time to locate correct brake maybe ??

    well KD1956
    if we got this right -- sounds like your brake it truly to small
    you can buy one that fits for a low price most anywhere

    let's face it -- that extra brake is very important to have
    the working of two brakes together -- usually makes for the perfect set up
    especially when going very fast !!!

    ride that thing