Handcrafted and Purpose Built MB Wheels

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  1. Starting in the January I am going to be offering Heavy Duty Wheels Purpose Built for Motor Bicycles using the Finest Components Available. Including but not ltd to 11 and 12 gage and blade style spokes, Grubee Rear Hubs, Disc Rear Hubs, Drum, Disc, and Standard Sealed Bearing Front Hubs and Quality Steel Rims and Aluminum Downhill Rims.

    I'll be offering some other Handcrafted and Machined Widgets to be announced.

    So my website is under construction; we'll be updating it soon! It is a picture of my original build (miles before reliablity and comfort), but I think it's a nice pic.

    Here are some Current Pics of my "Upgraded Dept Store" Schwinn which Is Miles Ahead on Reliability and Rides Like A Dream!

    Pics of the "6 Dollar worksman". I believe this worksman will recieve much needed love (A hog layed up against it and bent the wheels) and have an 80 cc 2 stroke kit; I was able to fit the 4 stroke motor but I have crank clearance issues to work out. So the "6 Dollar Worksman" gets a 2 smoke.

    Anyway Stay Cool, Thanks for Looking, And Thanks for All the Help; I Learn New Stuff From You All the Time

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    NICE! Are you also offering solid plastic rims? Those are unbeatable for strength, and would be nice if you have a freewheel sprocket that goes on the rims too.