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    I ride a 2007 Gary Fisher Cronus and it has a very traditional MTB handlebar (pretty much a flat bar with just a bit of a rise) and it is comfortable but I tend to catch too much wind ... I'm thinking of swapping to a "Bullhorn" style of bar as used by roadies on their time trial bikes - or even perhaps true "drop down" if not a moustahce bar ... will my existing SRAM gear/brake lever setup work with bullhorns or moustache bars ? If not what do you suggest ? Aside from aesthetics and possibly some finger/reach issues due to the difference ion shape ... are brake/shifter levers bar diameter specific or are they adjustable so that they can work on many different handlebars ?

    I have a 31.8 diamter bar (as do many MTBs) but road handlebars are often 25.4 and 26 ... I know they have shims so the stem/head/clamps workj but things like brake levers and grips and everything else that may go on the handlebar ... are they designed for specific diameters or are they adaptable to different bars ?

    I have two HT style bikes and I am looking into a pusher or electric bike project - I am asking about my non-motorized bike and I hope you dont mind. You all have been super helpful to me in the past and I've not found a more enthusiastic and knowledgeable bunch of motorheads and I'm on several bike/motorcycle/car boardsso I'd like to think this means a lot ... bravo to you and thanks for the advice ...