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    Hi all. I am looking for handlebars in a particular style - I have a few photos below. I scoured eBay, Google - just about everywhere I could think of. I even stopped in a few motorcycle stores that deal with vintage and new parts....nada. One guy said, "Just buy beach cruiser bicycle handlebars" - but they aren't quite the same...different angles altogether.

    Anyone have any good sources for something like this?

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  2. WEll you definitely won't find that in any bicycle or Motorcycle.
    You may need to look into having one made.
    A muffler shop with their tube benders might help here. No kidding.
    With the economy the way it is,the independent shops will do anything for you.
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    those are very different hooked at the hips...good luck with your project...
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    Seems like they would be awfully hard to turn with. Hope you don't need to make a sharp turn quickly.
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    You won't get the angle up...but you could get ape bars, cut the handle bend and turn them sideways...ghetto fabulous
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