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    PROBLEM 1:
    i have the stock throttle that came with my skyhawk 2-cycle motor. i clamped it down tight enough to sit on the handlebars. but despite my best efforts, it will not sit right an close entirely around the throttle handle. the whole thing works ok but it doesn't look too good and i KNOW that this is going to give me trouble in the future....can't get a pic but i can tell you that it is clamped SHUT where the screws are, but splits open about 3/16" where its supposed to clamp entirely closed around the handle. Any suggestions?
    PROBLEM 2:
    when i lock the clutch handle (with the button) so the clutch is disengaged, it seems that the clutch is still grabbing a bit. Ive adjusted the cable as tight as i can...any more and I'm worried that the clutch may not fully release and engage the motor

    i welcome all suggestions. Thank You!

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    did you drill a hole in your handlebars for the pin on the throttle assembly to go into?
    if you take the throttle assembly apart, look on the top 1/2 on the inside...there is a small locating pin in it, and you must drill a hole in your handlebars for this pin to drop into. not only will it make the throttle fit the bars correctly with the 2 halves closing all the way, but it will lock the throttle assembly to the bars so it will not rotate.

    on the clutch, the arm on the side of the engine should be tight (not able to move it with your fingers if you try to jiggle it) when you have the clutch handle locked (clutch disengaged). when you release the clutch handle you should be able to slightly jiggle the clutch arm on the side of the engine. I think it's just a matter of adjusting your cable to the right point. you should have a little free-play in the clutch handle when the clutch is engaged (clutch handle out). get the cable close to where it needs to be, and then use the adjusting screw and lock nut on the clutch handle where the cable goes in, to slack the cable off a little to get some free-play.
    when you squeeze the clutch handle in, you should be able to freely roll the bike so the clutch isn't dragging. sometimes tho, the engine chain creates more friction/ resistance than expected so it may FEEL like the clutch is dragging.
    pop your engine chain off and see if you can feel the difference in resistance with the chain and without the chain.
    while you have the engine chain off, reach up under the engine sprocket cover (or take the cover off) with the clutch handle squeezed in and see if you can turn the engine sprocket with your fingers.
    you should be able to turn the engine sprocket with your fingers fairly easily with the clutch handle squeezed in.
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