Handy sprocket shims

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by StefanoDimera72, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. I had a bear of a time getting the sprocket aligned onto my rear wheel. After the 15th or so try my throat was dry from yelling out colorful 4-letter words. Boy the neighbors were impressed. Anyway, I looked at the plastic cap from my 20oz Dr Pepper and thought is was perfect for shimming. I cut the sides of the cap into 4 pieces and tossed the very top, but i only used 3 of the pieces. They slid in perfectly between the sprocket and hub and also stayed in place thanks to their already curved shape.

    Happy now. Bike is together and I even rode it to work this morning. By "rode" I mean pedal power. I just want to make sure everything is bolted on tight and whatnot since this bike is a complete rebuild and the front sprocket is a little sticky. But man is this "JL" gearbox noisy. Kind of like when we were kids w/ the soda can rubbing our tire. And i swear there's as much drag w/ this setup as my '78 JC Penny moped (a rebadged Puch). I don't mind the sweating, it's the gearbox which ruins any chance of me pedaling this thing around thanks to the noise.

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    Although I'm still building mine and haven't really ridden it yet, I've read here that one might be able to line the inside or the outside of that teardrop-shaped engine gearbox cover with a thin (key word: thin) layer of cork or other suitable sound-deadening material like dynamat.

    Yep. I just realized that I have yet to hear that straight-cut gear reduction for myself. LOL. Hoo boy.