Happy Birthday Augidog

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Zev0, May 21, 2008.

  1. Zev0

    Zev0 Member

    Happy Birthday Augidog. May you have a day filled with gas fumes and bugs in your teeth.

  2. Augi,you have been an inspiration to me and I'm sure a lot of members here. A toast to many more years of your glorious life.
    Happy Birthday!
  3. augidog

    augidog New Member

    thank you, guys...

    zev, if it wasn't for the forum birthday-feature, i prolly woulda missed my own b-day...does senility kick in right at 51 i wonder?

    large, it's something, hearing that from you...you've been an inspiration around here in yer own right, too, & i hope you realize that.

  4. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    Happy B-Day, augi.
  5. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    It's not senility. I call it a senior moment. I'm having them all the time now.
    Happy birthday.

  6. Thanks Augi! I am touched...but this is YOUR day!
    What did you do today?
  7. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    Happy birthday Augi...not so much senility as that other thing 'cept I can't remember what it's called!???
  8. dbigkahunna

    dbigkahunna Guest

    Augi, uh yes, I think.
    HB from the Giant Side of Texas!
  9. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Happy birthday Augi! I call it part-heimer's. (not all the way to alzheimer's) Ive been having them since the 70's Too many hippy times. Enjoy your day!
  10. Abeagle

    Abeagle Guest

    Happy B-Day Augi, may the wind always be at your back. :cool:
  11. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    Happy B-day. I'm drinkin a beer for ya.
  12. augidog

    augidog New Member

    i broiled a groundsteak and fried a coupla eggs...went to ebay and ordered my racing leathers, custom fit & colors, all paid for. i called USFRA and had a registration/entry package mailed off...

    then i putzed around, mostly just putzing around...after lunch (baked fish on a bun, couple cold ones) i called cruzin in for some tunes & other stuff. then some riding...we hit "sandridge road" north to "joe john's" & back south on "vernon" with a tailwind. the state park we like to stop at will be an instant hit with you if you're one of the lucky ones who're gonna make it to the august rally. so we stopped there, had quite the chuckle as we took in the evening air...then a quick race up and over the dune to my place...he continued on home to share some birthday cheer with quay, i came inside where it's safe to have a couple more MGD's and post this reply :cool:
  13. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Happy Birthday Augidog! Hope you had a good 'un!
  14. augidog

    augidog New Member

    shoot, i'm still having it...mbra chat is open, zev and i are in there :cool:

    anyways, we were...thanks, everyone, i had a great day...y'all rock (& roll) :cool:
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  15. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    soory my b-day wish is late :(
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dawg !!!
    I wasn't on pc yesterday
    but...better late than never :cool:
  16. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    happy late b-day aug!!! a year late for the pic, but it was too fitting for you to pass up!

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  17. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Happy belated birthday Augie. I'm not sure about the Alzheimer's thing. I'll think about it some later. Right now I'm busy trying to remember where I put the charger for my dremel.
  18. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Happy birthday Augi.
  19. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    cheers to ya augi!! heres to one of the guys who started this madness & gave us all a place to hang out!!