Happy birthday Quenton

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by ren, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. ren

    ren Guest

    Hoping you have many happy and healthy years to come.


  2. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Happy Birthday Quenton! I second Randy's sentiment. Looking forward to seeing you soon at the rally.
  3. Golddustpeak

    Golddustpeak New Member

    Me too, me too.......

    Happy happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    Happy Birthday Quenton !!!
    I hope it's a good one :cool2:
  5. Big Day

    Happy Birthday From The Other Coast
  6. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    Happy Birthday Quenton. I hope it is a good one with many more to come.

  7. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Thanks everyone,

    Spent the majority of the day riding my prototype automatic, and it was fun! I did start on the Bonneville motors, but just a little dis-assembly.

    Looking forward to the rally in DE

    Have fun,
  8. btr

    btr New Member

    hAPPY "b" day. Sorry day late.
  9. RusticoRay

    RusticoRay Member

    Happy two day late birthday Lee, Thanks for all your help over the last year.
  10. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    Belated wishes for the best from the northwest.
  11. Traveler

    Traveler Member

    Happy birthday Quenton. You deserve the best.
  12. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    Okay Quenton, I'm really late. Happy Birthday to you & me(mine's today). See you all at Lewes, De.
  13. Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday everybody, Happy birthday to me!

    Hey, wait a flea-pickin' minute, it's not my birthday, that's in November!

    .....Hhhhhmmmm......... It's not November, it is August.....Lemme look at some other posts in this thread.....

    Ok I'm back, and I figgered out what's wrong, It's Quenton's birthday! Well shoot! Happy birthday Quenton, and by the way, did Donna buy you a Beatles Record for your birthday???

  14. Kep1a

    Kep1a Guest

    HAPPY "B" day. Sorry I'm a little late and thanks so much for all your help!
  15. bill green

    bill green Member

    Happy B day You . Keep rolling ...Bill
  16. StillDream'n

    StillDream'n Guest

    Happy Late Birthday!! From California, Thaks again for all of the help:( Your Motor will be in a Very Nice Red Frame soon!