Happy New Years 2015 to all!

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    Hope everyone has a peaceful, prosperous and healthy year. It's a crazy world out there, seems we have just about every nation on earth teed off at us because we can't mind our own business. Russia and Putin are the are the scariest. He's a dictator and rules on a whim, history should teach us about men with power like him.
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    Here is hoping you can buy a brand new nice car to bring in the New Year some day.

    My wife has never bought a brand new car.
    I bought one a few months after we met but not married yet and she didn't go with me, and we have had 'like new' cars in our later married years, but it's not the same...

    We bought this exact VIN# car this morning.


    It doesn't 'look right' at my house or driveway, but we couldn't care less.

    Exactly $22K out the door with everything.
    I gave 'em $1,500 to lower the monthly payments $25 a month as I had it, the other $20,500 is financed for 60 months at 0% APR for the whole 60 months!

    This thing has every bell and whistle they offer and my wife is absolutely beside herself!
    Happy New Year indeed!
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    And to you and yours as well.

    You appear to be a voice of reason on this site and I often enjoy reading your posts. I may pick your brain at some point during my build that I have in process. Still waiting for my motor and additional parts from David Stanton to put it all together. The weather hasn't had me overly excited about trying to be in a hurry to get it rideable. Do look forward to using it as a drop vehicle for backpacking this January and February though.
    Wayne Hobbs
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    I'll be around.