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    What's up motoredbikes.com
    My name's Sander and I like the sound of bahhhhhrrraaaaaaammmmuuuuuuuuuu, don't know why. I just rode a MB for the first time a couple weeks ago and it changed my life.
    I live and grew up in San Francisco, CA, was born in Germany and am 100% Polish.
    Student of Urban and sustainable farming/permaculture, including mycology and fermentation, particularly making mead. I do beekeeping, wild mushroom foraging, Taichi/Gigong, build 90's hondas into racecars (rice rockets), baseball...
    Just plant it straight into horse manure, it works great and it's free. Horse poop has a good enough balance of nitrogen and carbon(they eat so much hay) that you can plant straight into it, although allowing it to age a month is preferred. That's my take home message :)

    I just got my first MB a couple weeks ago. It's all stock except an NT speed carb. Managed to ride it for a few days before I couldn't resist and opened her up. Now I've finished port and manifold work, sanding gasket mating surfaces, and correcting transfer ports with JB Weld. Soon to extend intake manifold, install NGK Iridium plug, and Jaguar CDI. Long term projects include making a Torque pipe and getting a better bike to motorize.

    My current dream for this whole thing is a motorized bicycle camping trip, and making a motorized bicycle powered generator for emergencies.