Happy-Time Magneto Installation Video

I have spark, as when I take the plug out,
and do the test, I get a nice blue/purple light in the plug.
Yes, on test it looks good. That has established spark is getting to the spark plug.

Unscrew the Plug Cap off the Lead, push the lead's copper wire onto the spark plug tip where the plug cap used to go, so it's direct copper wire from CDI to Spark Plug. Use the existing dust boot and push that over the Spark Plug, peddle away then see if it starts and runs.

Good Luck
It makes a fool of me, and WORKS!!!

hey bolts, thanks I'll try that sumday.

update 601, is that I got the bike running...:)

There was no spark issue, there was no fuel issue.

It was that I had tuned the clutch close, but not enough
to grab the motor and make it start !!!

I have some fine tuning still, but it will start within 50 metres which was my original goal. WOOPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I noted in my earlier post, this motor is not like it was before, it seems
to purr and not grab when I let out the clutch, it must grab, or its not
doing its job. On tiles, the back wheel slides, which indicates
the motor is working and the compression is grabbing.

Ok, so things I notice that still need work,

1. high pitched squeeel occasionally on take off, i think i need grease on gears, which I may have to go to a mechanic to get for free.
2. Accelerator sometimes sticks, and engine revs high,
then have to pull in clutch to slow revs.

Why does this happen ? I'll have to research that.
Unless someone can tell me. :D

So, many thanks to everyone who helped.
Believe me, I have been an inch of chucking this whole bike in the bin.
If it weren't fo MBC, I'd have done that !!

Here's some who helped to name a few:
in no particular order:

BoltsMissing, Fetor56, Large, Augi, Papa, ibdennyak, Scottm, davidsis, azkronic, watcher05, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, eltatertoto (TATER !!)

also WARREN from Zbox, the guy helped me with a replacement Magneto (thanks dude).

ok, so to prove I rode my bike down the beach tonight see attached
pic of said bike at Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia.


PS I better get some stickers as MBC, is the one that made my bike work.


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Yes. I bet you'll start liking your Happy time now! You should give it a name. :D
Is the throttle handle/grip sticking when you twist it and release? Could be not returning to idle, mine does that sometimes. Probably needs a little lube in there. Also you can lube the cable so it will slide easier in the cable housing.
If you are like me, now you got it running, the last thing you want to do is take it back apart even though it's not perfect.:D

I've kind of wondered all along about how your throttle assembly is at the carb. Is the adjusting screw on top of the carb where the cable ends, all the way down or up in the middle? We could move that needle clip to any position and not make a diff if we've got the cable not right.
What is right? where it works best I suppose.
Everything seems to find it's happy spot.

It's just a thought
Glad you didn't trash it.:D I call it bike and rider bonding. Now you'll be an expert at these things like the rest of us;).
this has to be my last post in this thread...

Hey Large,
check this link for how I named my bike Ned, is your bike still called Moop ?

Hey thanks Scottm,

I'll have to check the "adjusting screw on top of the carb",
as having no right position sounds about as in-precise as I get.
I have the E-Clip as position 3. Seems to work so far.

Almost every time I touch my bike it stops working, :devilish:
so I think this time, I'll let it run for at least a week before doing anything.

I rode to work on the bike today,
I think the throttle has loosened up a bit, as its now releasing most of the time.
A quick pull of the clutch whilst riding, seems to release it.

I'll have to get some grease into the gears, as a low speed take-off makes
em squeal.

The best thing is that it starts with NO CHOKE, which for me is amazing.
I think the bike never came with an Inlet gasket, which would explain
how I used to ride for like 500 metres and maybe get a start.
Now it starts in the first 20-30 metres.

The "Beer-Can on inlet" trick has helped, but I don't know how much.

thanks again all,


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