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    Hello again I have a 80cc on a mtn bike and the other day it started to bog early in the ride so I thought it didn't warm up properly so I slowed down for a while then it worked great then last night I rode for a while and it started to do it again and it was warmed up. What are some things I need to check to get this motor back to normal.

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    bogging down

    I had a very similar problem. it turned out that my choke lever had come loose and when I was not expecting it; the choke would come on. I was thinking that this could be a very bad problem, but it turned out that all I had to do was to tighten the little bolt that held the choke plate on. To do this I had to take off the air filter and that exposed the bolt in question. Now it goes like gang busters But I think I need to find a way to keep that from happing again. I had the same problem with another carb with a different engine.

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