happy time with a super charger(a theoretical debate )???

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    Lets start I ma super n00b!!! Not only do I have no clue about motor biking but also no clue a bout engines 2 or 4 stroke in any hp.

    Ii got my HT today and started to assemble on my rigorous task of assembly. I noticed if you would drill a hole threw the casing at the point that the motor sprocket meats you could Easily use a pto to put a vacuum cleaner blower fan, to cobble a supper charger together.this would pressurize the intake manifold maybe by 2 atmospheres "24psi" enough to maybe wiggle another 1/2hp of my 3.5 hp engine. dose any one think this would damage the engine or is even possible with a 2 stroke engine?
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  2. A Detroit Diesel engine found in most busses used in mass transit are 2 stroke with blower. It needs the blower so it can get the much needed air to make it work. It's a V6 so you know those combustion chambers are huge.In fact,take away that blower and it simply won't work.
    The happy time has a TINY combustion chamber with two,sometimes only one piston ring to give enough to make them work. Add a blower or even a turbo and you disrupt EVERYTHING in your little engine.
    Think about what is needed to add a blower to an automotive engine. Blower heads. Blower Pistons. Lowered compression. Belt gearing. Gear it to turn too fast and there she blows.
    Then you got the cheap Chinese engineering. And the lack of a gear box.
    Do you really want to do all this so you can knock one second off your zero to twenty five time?
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    what he said....

    somebody's tried it all....jets have been bored....heads planed....nitrous (yes...4th shot burns a hole in the piston)....

    As a hotrod, the little happytime engine will not hold up for very long.

    "It am what it am"
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    i know a blower is the equivalent of strapping a a high volume air compressor on to a engine witch is out of the question for this application well maybe.....

    a super charger is basically a fan that blows air in to the intake and if and onley if you just pressurized the intake without doing anything but
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    You would need a waste gate, (release excess pressure on throttle down) and much
    more. However if you just want a bolt of speed you could use a small bottle of
    nitros (NOS) and watch the parts scatter!

    The little HT motor is stressed as it is.

    To qoute Stude13 "fugitaboutit"

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    A supercharger is nothing like a fan. Air is compressed inside the supercharger, then released into the intake manifold. A supercharger compressor wheel spins at over 50,000 RPM.
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    If your looking for some quick extra power that nitrous kit looks like the thing to do
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    Supercharging - It has been done with a 2 smoke but with limited success. The problem is that you are forcing air into the crankcase not the cylinder, it will push out the crank seals and the excess air you have packed in there just runs out the exhaust because all the ports are open at the same time. The best super charger for the 2 smoke is the expansion chamber, it pulls extra air through the engine and then ram's it back in before the exhaust port is closed, free boost. Have fun Dave

    PS: The Detroit Diesel talked about still has valves and the ports are not open to the crankcase. The pressure is presented to the cylinder with all the 4 Exhaust valves closed, so you can pack it in. Unfortunately they are a dirty running engine and are on the ban list. And not good on fuel.
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    Have you looked into the Boost bottles?? That's prolly your best bet. One guy here, graucho, even mixed hydrogen to get the BEST results. Look thru his posts and you're bound to find a pic of that setup.
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    Boost bottles are still a debate. I built a lot of racing engines and we never used them, one of the guys I knew tried one and claimed he was never able to tell if it did anything. If you read the technical papers on them, you will find that they use the shock wave from the reeds closing, on a reed engine, not a piston port engine like ours, and a twin cylinder at that. I saw a few on Moto bikes but our bikes beat them so why would we do that. There are some here that claim that it helps, I think I would try just to prove a point, but I don't want to mess up my intake runner. Have fun, Dave
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    The main problem that I can think of (off the top of my head this early in the morning) with either the leaf blower and PARTICULARLY with any type of nitrous setup would be getting your AFR correct (air-fuel ratio). With the leaf blower setup, you'd either run correct at full throttle and rich down low, or correct low and lean up high. It would be very difficult to get this just right. The nitrous setup would be the same times 100. With nitrous you are basically injecting more oxygen into the cylinder(s), which leans out the AFR tremendously and if it goes lean with nitrous you get a nice popping sound (esp I would think with the low quality chinese engines) and scatter parts and probably oil everywhere. Even if you could get the AFR correct, I question just how much additional stress the parts in one of those Chinese motors would take.

    Good luck and let us know if you try either setup,

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    With nitros part of the system is a direct injection of fuel with the gas. You are correct in assuming that the parts would scatter all over the place. If you could see the size of the bearings this engine uses you would not attempt it. The main bearings are 6201Z, there are some with 6202, they are larger but not that much larger. Have fun, Dave
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    Sometimes. There are three basic type of nitrous kits and with all but the dry system you need a seperate fuel pump (usually high pressure to properly atomize the fuel with the oxygen (nitrous). The three type are:

    The Dry System, which is the NOS system in which no fuel is sent to the intake charge outside the vehicle's normal means.

    The Wet System, which is the NOS system in which fuel and nitrous oxide are supplied through a fogger and then sprayed through the throttle body (or intake manifold).

    The Direct Port System, which is a Wet System in which each engine cylinder has its own fogger. (which obviously wouldn't apply for a single cylinder engine with a carburetor)

    I think putting a nitrous kit on ANY of these little engines is just asking for trouble, but I'm SURE the Chinese stuff would be even more vulnerable. There are so many variables that are difficult to control with nitrous (tank pressure is one big one). It's not even worth exploring on these little engines. I would think that carb, compression, and exhuast mods would get you way further with less comlexity and more reliability. How fast do you want your bicycle to go?