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  1. I think about this engines potential use for other things a lot. A great noticable perfomance trait is in this motor's rock steady performance as you deliberately limit speeds to 18 to 22 mph ...

    Take a pair of in-line skates for example and if you've ever used a pair on open street in light wind and perhaps a less than perfectly smooth pavement you instantly recognize the performance degradation from the same skates used in a standard indoor roller rink or performance half pipe. So it is with these chinese engines.

    A lot of our conversations here is about top speed tinkering, stopping vibration, jetting performance,etc as is normal with just about any group trying to push an engine to its full potential .. But I'm amazed as well every time I pull off of the major rough paved roads, out of the wind resistence, cross buffeting, etc to pull my bike back into the relative calmness of the huge storage area facility where I keep my bikes, cycle,and boat. Suddenly you notice that these bikes and engines are truly at home at that magic 18 to 22 mph sector and on flat hard ground. even poor engine mounting or a really cheaply made or poor performance bicycle does not seem to reveal problems around those magic numbers.

    This leads to a lot of potential for other uses of this engine I think ... I watched a short clip on tv about a man whose been fascinated with monorails since childhood and finally as an adult built a 300 foot mini mono on suspended track all around his property for the children using an electric motor as power. Unless you saw that show you can't be impressed with the finished look and scope of the project, and all made possible by only a motor with about the thrust and size of the standard 80 pound thrust trolling motor,a lot less power than we're using right now.

    Pardon my excitement, but as "on the lot" ice cream or hot dog wagon power, security officer's patrol tour bike, off road deer sled, powered zip-line ride, backround merry go round type child's spinner, even the possibility of inflatable water craft power, I'm truly seeing other potential that more importantly than the speed/vibration problems we work on now, do nothing of that sort at these lower controlled speeds needed for other totally unique uses. The freedom to design or redistribute power, gearing, and chain drive or belt drive once you're free from the seriously limiting confines the bicycle frame and rear wheel hub demand from us opens up a myriad of possibilitys. Excuse my rambling but I just wanted to share this excitement with others who I know can appreciate the possibilitys.

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    The problem is not what can or cannot be done with these motors - its what can be done legally...

    If there are 3-4 cyclemotors in the whole of the UK then they will get the traditional 'blind eye' from the police. If they start turning up everywhere then they will rapidly start to attract attention. It just takes one drunk politicians daughter walking out in front of a motoredbiker at pub closing time and getting hit... for the whole country to be baying for blood - it happens the same way with car speed limits.

    It is actually possible to register a GEBE or such in the UK but it is a nightmare that includes of all things a weighbridge and single type registration for *each* machine.

    The other problem is the 4-cylinder mentality. People assume that to have a closed cab machine that is comfortable you need at least 1000+ cc and 4 wheels. A closed hybrid recumbant (perhaps using the Denny Winged Wheel lol) is perfectly within possibility, and if you used one of the water cooled engines available you can even have a heater....

    Its only the western countries that think like that and russia/eastern europe - in the case of the latter I dont think that is their natural conceptualisation. In the middle east you cant move for 80cc taxis and underbones with 5 people sat on them...

    We need a law change but in order for that we need a mentality change..

    Jemma xx
  3. I see what you mean but in fact the possibilitys I mentioned are for the most part, home,backyard, or private sites in enclosed places ... wasn't really thinking about different types of on road motor vehicles but your point is clear about that problem. I might have muddied the point because I was talking about performance degradation and using roller skates as an example but I was refering only to the degradation not suggesting motor powered roller skates.
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    So you havent seen the 20cc roller skates with no brakes? Health and Safety over here had 50 fits when people started inporting them lol

    Jemma xx
  5. Oh my gosh no ! Is there really such a thing ? That's extreme! No , I just couldn't think of anything else that performs so remarkably bad than when you take roller skates out of an indoor rink to the street pavement and in wind as well .... I was trying to compare it to how well most bicycles act as soon as your using them in more confined spaces.
  6. Jemma, importing them from the U.S you mean ? Because I'm here in Ca. and if anything weird is made it seems we have it first. I've not seen them here ... yet that is !
  7. Hmmmm good thinking out of the box....How about these possible other uses of the engine....Drive generators, water pumps, with a 90 degree gearbox maybe even power a lawnmower, small tiller, push blower...So each homeowner doesn't need multiple engines make is so that each of the potential tools/implements that the unit would drive is sprocket driven and has a quick attach engine mounting system... then the one engine a person would own could power all their needs by simply unbolting the power unit and attaching it to the next tool and hooking the chain up (this would greatly lessen costs...one engine for ALL your power needs)....then again it may be hard to crank the engine by hand unless each implemment was equipped with a pedal start.....Hmmm....Looks like we are going full circle back to a bike unless a recoil start or electric start could be fabbed up....of course we could gravitate away from the HT and use a better suited engine to start with?....Naaa where's the fun in that?...It'd be too easy!....Just a thought but as far as a vehicle goes in the back of popular science magazine there is somebody that sells a 4 wheel pedal car....make it a 2 seater, slap a lightweight body on it and roll!

    I do agree with you tho.....if the engine isn't tached out they seem to cruise happily and easily at about 20 or so MPH....

  8. Heh .. I keep thinking about a motorized water slide ride on the grass for kids ... huge hose sprayed tarp with a pole in the center for the happy time and a regular ski line and handle with a speed throttle ... don't even ask me how you approach the engine to turn it off but some fun eh ?!!! (circular spinning waterslide i mean ... like a waterslide merry go round ...)
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  9. Or for serious deer hunter and archers who have private land space ... a motorized base that follows wooden track with thier normally stationary practice deer or animal silouttes mounted to the base ... (Gosh I need to be a kid again !!!)
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    When I lived in Wisconsin, I built a 8X12 ice fishing shack with tracks. Basically two conveyor chains with 2X6 bolted to them. 5 hp Briggs driving a jackshaft with belt drive and idler to each track. Went maybe 3-4 mph. All the comforts of home including heater and even a 12 volt tv, Had to use rabbit ears though....couldn't get the cable company to run out any cable. :( Did get a few strange looks as we motored out on the lake.

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    20cc roller skates are you talking aboute the 25cc aussi all terrian skate board
  12. Ya you rock Ib ! this is the kind of stuff I love ... back in 1980 well before stores had all the blow up motorized halloween and christmas displays for home use, I made a 4ft square 'haunted house' with motorized and magnetic displays going on as you peered inside any of the houses windows , sound effects, and mirror tricks ,,, it was awesome and they all went crazy for it ,,, a month of solid work on that thing,
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    Ha! I found someone with the same mentality as me!...(finally)
    I am planning on using these 'bicycle motors' for powering some VERY SMALL karts. My friends and I thought it would be fun to race the smallest possible 4 wheeled machines around my back fields and through the woods trails. We already race 400cc quads...(you know 0-75mph in 4 seconds) but...'tiny' sounded fun!
    -andyinchville1, "a 4 wheel pedal car....make it a 2 seater, slap a lightweight body on it and roll!" I have been dreaming of that for 5 or 6 years! someone has GOT to do it!

  14. You know with a pull starter and a centrifical clutch you could almost make a chainsaw with a happy time. You're gonna need a small tank too.