Happy's Happy-Time #3

Going to paint the tank and engine the same color as the frame, and polish the engine covers.:devilish:
Got my Dax 70cc today. the sprocket rubber mount holes dont line up with the sprocket at all. seems as though they're for a different sprocket altogether.:eek:
going to have to drill sprocket center-hole to 1 3/4" to clear the dust cap. we used to be able to grind the outer edge off, i know. but on this wheel, the hub housing itself is too large.
not a big fan of the standard 'swept-back' beach-comber bars, so i nabbed these chrome drag bars.
also shown is the workstand i made, and the tiny space i keep bikes/parts/tools in, now that the baby is crawling. lots of choking hazards.:yuck:
my 'blue-hair' (miss megan) is grateful to get that carp outta the house, haha :LOL:.


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dang you guys got some cool bikes over there. We dont get anythink like that over here!
I'm sure it's comfy for you but have you given some ape hangers a thought?
It would look sick.
But still,I think those bars may turn out nice.
ok...it's done. it's in the Buy/Sell/Trade as well. turned out really nice, i think. basic.

why don't new builds excite me amymore?:eek::eek::confused::sick:


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Nice clean build. I find that I don't care to do the same sort of project twice, but I'm sure there are lots of different ways that motored bikes could be built. Just try something different.
Man that's beautiful. I really like the color too.
Perhaps you've overcome the challenge, now that you kow what you are doing. May be taking it up a notch and testing your limits will get you excited again. Will momma let you put a baby seat on one?