Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by RIOT, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. RIOT

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    well for one its louder then anything on the road. even at idle. :evil: butttt my throttle is super responsive and pushes you off the seat when you get on it and gave me some top end as well. now for a better intake system and to change some gearing and ill be set.

  2. Pablo

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    Wait until you get an expansion chamber! :shock::grin:
  3. BSA

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    Are you saying that your running the bike without any mufler or you you modified the existing one. if you are you could seriosly damage your engine, makes it run too lean.

  4. RIOT

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    well i have an exhaust pipe but it had a removable silencer. just 2 screws.
  5. spunout

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    it sounds like he just pulled the baffle out of the can.

    i pulled them out of my personal bikes, and gained huge :evil: power. 14,000miles (true) on my kingsmotors 70cc, 12,000miles on an unknown 70cc (probably kingsmotors also) and have had no lean-running issues. lucky me ;)
  6. RIOT

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