Harbor Freight 12V DC motor!

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    For you folks looking for a powerful DC motor for your bicycle projects:

    http://www.harborfreightusa.com/usa...oryName=SHOP EQUIPMENT&SubCategoryName=Motors

    Only available in their stores, not online, and it's $99.

    It's 12V, 28 Amps, so plenty of power. Most 12V stuff can handle 14-15V continuous, so I'm sure you could over-volt this motor with 18-24V for more power for short bursts. It's industrial-grade, so it may even be under-rated, and can handle more.

    It has a 5/8" keyed shaft so it's compatible with common sprockets, which makes it very appealing!

    I wanted to post this to you folks here in the electrics forum, as this may be a useful motor. I will get one myself when finances permit, for a hybrid setup.

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    It looks like it's not quite as powerful as some would like.

    But it looks adequate at a pretty reasonable price.

    Not bad.