Harbor Freight 4 cycle 6.5HP horizontal shaft

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Al.Fisherman, Aug 9, 2011.

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    That is a good deal. I just bought one last month for the bike I am doing now.
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    Not from me..copied it from another forum.

    From one of the HF reviews:

    That said, break it in first, then install it. It's much easier this way, but don't follow their instructions. Do this:
    1.) using the cheapest 10W30 conventional oil and STP oil treatment, use about 4 oz of oil treatment for the 1/2 qt of oil. Add less than a 1/2 gallon of gas. Run engine for about an hour, vary throttle but never wide open. The STP helps oil to cling, and gather shavings. Drain the oil after first run.
    2.) Pour in rest of conventional oil and another 4oz of STP. Run for about half hour and then 2 minutes wide-open. Change oil again, noting if there are any shavings.
    3.) I used a synthetic oil called G-Oil from Home Depot and changed the spark plug to a Champion RN9YC. The engine runs like a dream! Make sure to use a good fuel stabilizer and this engine should also last 30 years, like it's predecessor. Also, I suggest getting the hand fluid transfer pump to change oil on it. Much faster and less messy than the drain plugs on the side.
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    I just hate the way these motors look. For the price though.....
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    I see no reason for the elaborate break in suggested. I do change the oil after a few minutes of running and then again after an hour of so. Thousands of these engines (clones) are used in karts. They seem to do well.
    As for the looks- one benefit of the lay back cylinder is with the muff and tank off, the engine will fit higher in the frame - giving more foot clearance.
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    My 2 cents on the motor's looks, it's an improvement over the standard vertical cylinder head like of the Briggs & Straton 50 year old design. More likely to fit a bike frame too.
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    What does it weigh? it looks heavy.
    in a trike maybe but on a 2 wheeler?