Harbor Freight 52cc 1.5HP 2-Stroke Manuals

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    The harbor freight 52cc 2-stroke, 1.5HP engine appears to be a clone of the old, non-CARB compliant Mistubishi TL series engines, and NOT the newer, CARB compliant Mitsubishi TLE series.

    Note that this engine not sold stand-alone, but as the motor on an earth auger or on one of their clear-water pumps. So, any manual you find will be for either the auger or the pump.

    The engines on the two are identical, however, the pump does not use (or, for that matter, need) the centrifugal clutch. However, the auger, which does have a clutch, is quite a bit more expensive than the pump.

    If you have the pump, and want to use the engine from it on a bike, download a copy of the auger's manual, then contact HF and order a replacement clutch to mount on the motor, and you should be good to go. MBc member Porkchop and others talk about the parts needed to add the clutch in this thread.

    And, here are the links to the
    I've uploaded both manuals to this site, to be used as a back-up source; they're shown below. Only use the local copy if the HF site is down or blocked.

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