Harbor Freight 52ccAuger vs. 63ccGenerator...

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    I've read many posts from people who used the Harbor Freight 1.5hp 52cc 2-stroke engine for many bicycle applications .
    Everyone seemed to like the better power , well has anybody tried the
    Gasoline Generator that HF sells for $99 on sale .
    This seems like such a good deal ... a 63cc , 2hp 2-stroke with horizontal shaft . It simply must be better than the 52cc .

    My question is will it have a usable carb ? obviously the generator is designed to run at a single speed .


  2. professor

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    The carb is no problem.
    It is the output shaft that is no good for your purposes.
    I was given one of those generators after the gen. side went bad. Took it apart to free the engine and found a huge shaft out of the motor - it was a taper fit to the gen. section. The engine itself is very heavy also. Probably a good unit judging by weight.
  3. Dobroknow

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    Thank you professor...

    Thanks so much for this useful info .
    I love this forum , and benefiting from others experience .
    I'm glad i didn't just buy one to see for myself .

    lol , maybe i'll bolt the whole generator on a rear rack and run a 120v AC setup ??? ha ha hybrid trike maybe !
  4. Porkchop

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    I have the Harbor Freight auger engine along with a Honda GX35. HF engine definitely has more power and torque. I've put about 250-300 miles on my bike with the HF engine with no issues. The HF engine from the auger is almost the same as the one on their water pump. The pump however has been discontinued. They still show up occasionaly here and there, if you're lucky enough to find one. Click on the following link for the same engine as the auger has for about $120.00 from MonsterScooter. It comes with the clutch assembly where as the water pump does not have a clutch. Hope this helps.
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