Harbor Freight Discount Coupons

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    Once again, here's a link to Harbor Freight discount coupons. The 20% off coupon and several others deals are located here. Nothing hokey pokey or secretive about this site. Maybe HF just doesn't advertise it heavily. I’ve been using print outs from this site for years and have never had an issue with them in the store.


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    Thanks for sharing this. I could have used this on saturday. Keeping it in my favorites!
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    Last time I went with a print out (copied off their own flyer), they declined to accept it, so buyer beware it can happen. I'd call before making the trip. I get the Harbor Freight all the time both the flyer and a newspaper insert. I'd be more then happy to mail a ORIGINAL coupon out to you, should I have the coupon you are looking for. Just send a self addressed envelope.

    I can scan the coupon so you can see if it is the item you want. If your store will accept a copy, I'll scan and send in Email.

    "Copies of coupons MAY NOT be accepted at all locations"
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