Hard Decision For Winter Build

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by beachcruiser, Dec 20, 2008.

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    My winter project became a hard decision to make. I have been wanting to build a 2-stroke frame mount for sometime now. I used the vending reviews in making my decision and was a great help. It took some time to review the web links with their information they supplied. My personal choice came down to thatsdax and Chris Hill Ch80/70cc. Since I am doing a winter build the warranty did play a big part in my decision for an engine. Thatsdax would have saved considerable amount of money though and their reviews were great. I hope I made the right decision and decided to go with Chris Hill CH80/70cc because of the extra work he puts into these and his 1 year warranty was important, I thought the extra money was well woth it. I still have to decide on a shift kit or clam mount yet , let alone getting a bicyle that I perfer on craiglist. Just wanted to say I am enjoying this winter project to take away the winter.......... blaaahs

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    I'd be willing to at least look over the Chris Hill line. But I don't recognize the name.

    Is he one of the vendors on the left of these pages?
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    No, he is listed in the vendor forum though. His price is in Canadian currency. When I pay-pal the amount , the American currency exchange
    rate was .81cents to the Canadian dollar. So the American dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar. His web site is...www.chrishill.myknet.org
    It is worth checking out his site for the CH80/70CC. He rides daily and uses his for transportation to work even in the winter time. He answers all e-mails when he gets home from work promptly.
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    Wow.....I gotta admit that his CH80 is real tempting.

    A rough conversion would seem to make his price 280 dollars, american. Then there's shipping, but that's negligible and will occur with any vendor.

    Considering how he tweaks and upgrades the engine, this sounds like a bargain.
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    I have a ch-80 and i am very happy with it it has been nothing but good to me. I put the kit on my bike and peddled 3 times and it started right up and has not given me any trouble at all.And if you have any ? Chris will be right there to help you.I have had other 2-strokes (they blew up) but the ch-80 just keep going.