Engine Trouble Hard starting 80cc



Hi, This engine has always been hard to start but then runs good and starts easy as long as its warmed up. Let it go cold however and it takes a good 50 to 75 feet of turning over before it will start and run. I got to thinking man if this was a pull start I'd be pullin my ass off to get going. I got to thinking that its most likely that when it sits the gas runs down and floods the carb and then when I go to ride it it takes awile to pass all that gas ,so to speak, and clear itself and then bing off it goes. Does that sound like whats going on??? Tom in WV PS Yes I shut the valve off but I think its the gas in the filter and lines!!!It needs a better needle and seat!!! I think!! Try
hi try.

i have only 2 nights of observation to work with, but here's what i've figured out up to now...

yes, the needle & seat could be more precise, i agree that what your hard start is all about is you're flushing the carb & intake of that drainage that seems to get past the seat. even when already hot, i've found that if i forget to turn off the fuel, i'm gonna have to pedal that excess away. when cold, choking's only gonna make it worse 'til it's all gone...you'll hear the difference, then reach down & choke it for a cold start.

2 things to look at: first, make absolutely certain when you adjust the cable housing tension on top of the carb that you haven't applied any pull to the needle itself. second, the throttle doesn't return fully very well on it's own, when you've shut down for the night, twist the throttle & make sure it's fully closed.
try, i wanted to report: since following my own directions above i haven't had but a few drops of leakage overnight, so little in fact that it dries before it drips. and...it's starting up immediately every morning!!

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