Engine Trouble hard to start and slipping?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by happyjourney, Aug 31, 2012.

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    heres the deal campers. I have about 100 miles on this engine. about a day ago as i was going home i started having trouble getting the engine started. i woke up today and went out after switching the spark plug, i tried to switch the carb with another one that i had but i reremembered that its cork washer in the float bowl was ripped so it just leaked like it wasn't even there so i had to go back to the original one. i have another stock carb but i didn't bother to try to go for that one. last time i had problems getting it started it was the fact that i didn't have enough oil in my gas. i went out and went riding out down the road for about a mile dropping the clutch over and over not getting the piston to turn at all. it seemed the i could feel the piston make a single revolution sporadically here and there only when i was near to completely stopped speed. i had all the friction of engagement when i dropped the clutch but the pistons didn't revolve and the magneto didn't revolve. after i rode down the road an thought that i probably wasn't going to get it started i turned around and started heading back dropping the clutch and pedaling as i went over and over and finally got it started just before i got back home to lock it up and forget about riding it. i had disconnected the kill switch and added some more oil to my gas as well to no avail in difference. also when i finally get it started due to my having the throttle all the way open i get a seeming feeling of partial engagement i.e. high revving as if i had lightly squeezed the clutch not enough to disengage but enough for it to rev as if it were only partially engaging the drive shaft. (like i know what a drive shaft actually is.) it quickly settles in though to fully engaging after i lower the throttle and then slowly climax it back. i'm thinking these are signs of an internal failure that will completely disable the engine shortly. i'm riding it around today and dread having to turn it off because every time i do it means i usually end up riding it dropping the clutch intermittently for a mile tiring myself out as i have groceries and my laptop and a jug of water as well as tools for flat tire replacements with me. anyways. if you guys have any ideas or similar experiences i'd like to hear it.

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    Please search here for how to adjust your clutch, and do that.