Engine Trouble Hard to start?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by 2strokejosh, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Hey there Peeps, I have a Rock solid engine HP2 50cc and its been running nice and smooth untill yesterday.. I was rideing to my buddys house when it became abit jerky through out the rev range, I thought it was a bit un normal So I stopped it near my buddys house to have a
    suss at my lead an plug as it feels like its cutting out abit but they looked all good (pluged into cdi proply), Than I went to go start it and it wouldn't start untill 10-15 mins later riding up and down the street with it just (pop) here an there.. Than I finally got it going
    an went to my buddys house. When I left his house The same problem starting it but got it going, I pulled it out the shed today and gave it ago.. was hard but got it started than went around the block and it conked out and couldn't restart it..
    I'm running a ngk cold plug (I think BH5S?) and running the oil at 32/1 with nulon full synthetic oil. Any help would be great, also I was thinking it might be the cdi? as that's the only thing that isn't new on my engine and it feels like spark? but I'm not to shore.
    Thanks heaps Josh.
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    sounds kind of sparky
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    Do you have a transparent fuel hose? Can you see the fuel entering the carb? Sometimes the petcock strain got clogged and don't let the gas can't pass trough.