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  1. RedGreen

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    My rendition of a Harley/indian mortorbike from the early 20th century. The frame is a 1940 Elgin. The forks are a repro Monarch. Triple spring seat. 1942 era Paratrooper handlebars. Wishbone kickstand. Handmade gas tank. Coaster brake hub with sprocket mounting plate built in. (Boy I wish I could find another one. Either that or the band type rear brake.) The filler behine the seat post is just that, though you might be able to hide some batteries in there.

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  2. graucho

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    Looks like a FINE classic to me. Great work! Is that a wide pedal crank?
  3. RedGreen

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    The pedal crank is I think an original Elgin. I took apart a schwinn three sprocket front chain ring set and used the smallest chain ring. I find it's easier for my old legs to get started. The paint is base coat clear coat
  4. Wow. I can stare at that fork all day.
    Is your name plate over your frame the actual tank or does it cover the tank?

    (edit) woah. I can see up front that's the tank.

    Very nice.
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  5. RedGreen

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    Yes, the tank is handmade by yours truely. 16 gauge. I used a the filler spout off of a lawnmower gas tank, welded to the one of the top plates. The tank actually has a tunnel on the top. I figured that was the easiest way to get the gas to flow.
  6. hellbilly

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    Super sweet. Really love the old school look. Hope ya have a blast riding!!!
  7. RedGreen

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    Thanks, I probably will until I sell it. I really like it and it's looks but since I started on this I have decided to build my dream car...a 1914 Stutz Bearcat.
  8. codi79

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    Genious name for it.
  9. Alaskavan

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    Very pretty. Great work.
  10. azbill

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    the bike is a beauty
    congrats on such a cool build :D

    the stutz is like a fine old watch (lots of tiny moving parts)
    that'll be a huge project !