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    hey TINKERER

    yes there are some other pictures of that motor bike floating around site here

    it's a fine looking machine -- that's for sure !!!

    I am a little surprized that the rear drive is connected to the spokes
    for that much money would expect something different

    but if the little wife bought me one -- no complaints coming from here.......

    ride the motor bike
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    It's not connected to the spokes. It has stays about 3/4" wide that go from the drive pulley to the rim- just like the original. The main ebay pic if from a bad angle, but the pics at the bottom show this.

    1st pic original, second "Timeless" replica:

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    Timeless? I would say Gorgeouss. Very well executed and I am sure it is worth every penny to the person that can afford to buy one and sit around and gawk at it and be the envy of his buddies. I say lets get a fleet deal on some and get a board track up and put them to the use they were intended! A six day event should be a good start and will get them broken in. Where is that leather helmet I had.......
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    If we can have a track where kids can poke their heads through thr fence for a fully accurate reprise of the carnage, that would rock....I'm kind of a sicko.
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    Fence? What fence?
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    seen that THING a lot of times
    just noticed it has 440cc
    man that's one fine ride

    the down side -- so it says -- NOT STREET LEGAL IN ANY STATE....
    maybe just the track model shown ??

    years ago BSA made a 441cc
    always wanted one -- even though their track record wasn't that good

    it's just a nice size one lunger !!!

    ride that BIG PISTON THING

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