Harris Cyclery for Sturmey hub dynamo


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3:26 PM
May 1, 2008
windy city
this guys says he has the Sturmey Archer X-FDD Front Drum Hub 36 hol dynamo

i was hopein someone could let me know if they have ever ordered from him before ???? as its sold out everywhere and i almost got hit in the rain the other day as a lady tryed to make a left turn 1 foot i would been down for the count ..as my coaster brake locked up and skidded in the rain



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I ordered one ---got it with no problem.You do have to supply the hand lever.and what I did was to use a Raleigh adjustable lever which I modified to take the cable.What I did is remove the adjuster and with a drimmel tool cut a line down the threaded part,this allowed the cable to pass and you still can adjust the cable at the lever.
and the drum brake works great.
nice nice ...this hub is sold out everywhere....(was pricey) hey frame... what did you match your front wheel up with ? i was talking to tom over there and hes goin to give me a free 3 speed S.A rear hub to mess with ..tom said back in the day they use to tack weld sprocket to the hubs♠ got me thinking i wish my frame had rear boss for brakes
ps do you have any pics i think i no what you are talking about tho
Harris Cyclery is one of the class acts in all of bicycledom. Sheldon Brown (RIP), their lead tech and web site guru, and all around bicycle advocate and great guy, just passed away this year from (IIRC) some form of multiple sclerosis - but he rode (tadpole recumbent) pretty much right up to the end.

Sheldon's articles are a never ending source of entertainment and enlightenment.
yea i talked to him he didnt have them a lot of web sites said it was in stock but it was back ordered ....thanks for lookin

i got my hubs and a free 3 speed S.A. hub from Harris Cyclery the guy that i talked to said i could try to weld the 44 tooth spekett to the hub he said its steel and they use to make fixed speeds like that

here is a pic in my album and my new bike getin together i welded frame bosses to the rear seat stays for rear brakes