Has any one gone with solar lighting?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by burke_a_lot, Jun 28, 2009.

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    Has any one gone with solar lighting? or a set-up with solar? would like to know how it was done and how well it works....


  2. i saw some solar lights at walmart,its a light with a mini solar panel built into the top of light,i think there like $18 or so. but they need to be in the sun to recharge and there only like 3-5watt lights?. they were made to go near walkways to light them up at night.
  3. burke_a_lot

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  4. put one for a headlight and put red reflective tape over another one to use as a tailight
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    Those solar lights are a bad idea. You're hardly going to get any usable light out of them and you'll have to be in the sun all day to recharge.
    If you want a good system with solar charging ability start off with a small 12 volt battery, get a small 1-2 watt solar panel made for trickle charging car batteries. These will fit well on a rack or on the top tube. Buy LED lighting and only use halogen or a less efficient light for a high powered headlight. Get a solar charge controller so you don't overcharge the battery and wire everything up. 12v battery chargers are cheap. This will give you solar charging ability, outlet charging, and high power for when its really dark. Lemme know if you need help with the details,
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    I have tail lights and turn signals running solar. I put 2 6v panels and 1 12v panel on the back saddleboxes, I am using a SunSaver charge controller (way overkill) and a couple cast off drill batteries (these lose their charge pretty quick, but I can swap them in easy enough) I have some white LED's that I want to mount on the front but just have not got it done yet.
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    thanks for the ideas! I look into it further.
  8. i would choose rechargable battery over solar power.
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    Solar power requires a rechargeable battery. Using solar panels gives you the best of both worlds. It would be best suited for touring/camping where most of the time your lights are off and batteries are charging. You're not going to fit a big enough panel on the bike to charge a really large battery unless you don't mind lots of bulk.
    Get a coleman low amp charge controller. I bought one for a 20w coleman panel. It was somewhere around $25 and its much smaller than a pack of playing cards.
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    I'd say I use solar lighting about 95% of the time. No installation necessary. Just ride between the hours of 8AM and 8PM! :sunny:
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    That's how I roll.
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    I figured it out... Solar powered, battery charger.