has any purchased one of these?

Not a Honda Motor!

I've not purchased one but the first thing I see is that the product photos don't match the claims made in the ad copy. The motor shown is not a Honda. Let the buyer beware.

quoted from the ad....
Drive MOPED KIT (fits 99%
of bikes!)
(bicycle not included)(Honda Replica/copy)

seems like a member here has ordered one.....?

wow...the shipping fee is CRAZY!!
looks like one to stay well away from, but thats just my opinion, its a replica engine so you might be lucky and at could last forever or could blow out in a week, then what -

" no returns accepted !!!!!"

Its always good to check out the good quality kits first, this should give you an indicator for your price range, so when you see a kit selling maybe $200 - $300 below, the red flags should be flying around your head

My advice save yourself alot of headaches and save up the extra $200 or whatever it takes. it will save you in the long run and you you get a well tested kit with a dealer to back up their products.

I have had dealings with both thats dax & gebe, 2 great vendors who are trustworthy and have excellent customer service for all us newbees out their venturing into the motorised bicycle world..
The title says "Honda Motor," but, in the text, it says "Honda Designed Motor."

Always a good idea to read all the fine print in ebay listings.

He also says "NEW 2-cycle Chain Drive Kits take only one hour to assemble." First, the two-cycle thing 'appears' to be a mistake. Second - If you've installed a half dozen of these things, IMO, you might be able to install one in an hour. Maybe...

Finally, that's a LOT of shipping cost.
"would i lie to you, honey?"

box-sellers are box-sellers...2- or 4-stroke, frame-, rack-, or beanie-mount, you can bet the farm they're clueless about "whatever" is in the box. but, no matter the particular style of drive you prefer, there's always a couple examples that will excel...do your homework and find one, it's worth the time, and it helps the next new rider/builder who comes wandering in.

there are quite a few different engines and styles i admire, or i could say have admired...i've been blessed with a close look at a diverse selection.

my generic opinion for a topic like this goes as always: i'll never strap another non-certified engine on my bike ever. certification is the maker's financial show of proof that you are getting what is being claimed. if someone would lead you on about "approved", "designed by", or any other such nonsense, how can you believe their claims about the internal quality of their "replica."

with that said, i can honestly say that some of the drive-trains i've admired were only lacking one thing. it was the certification that proved loyalty to fair and honest trade in our market, a bit of dedication to pitching in & cleaning things up a bit, and the downright genuine desire to help the economy instead of contributing to it's downward spiral.

please choose first to buy a quality clean engine, then choose your favorite style, and then you can go looking for the right supplier...

you'll wind up with a motoredbike like you wouldn't believe, you'll wind up with one you'll still LOVE 5000 miles later :cool:
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I have seen that misleading ad. I wouldn't trust any seller who had an ad liked that,,, or claimed their engines to be 80cc. You get what you pay for !
That kit looks weird mounted on the bike and the mounts look flimsy as best as I can see without being able to zoom in. The motor being at an angle just doesnt look right plus it sits way to high. My honda 50 is a tall motor but the tank still sits even with the seat on mine. Id be very cautious about this kit.
yes i noticed the engine is a clone right off. i also noticed the word game on the add.the last bike wheels i bought had a american flag on one of the spokes, & (made in china) right under it.these days i expect it to be made somewhere else, & sadly to be mislead. but i have become wise to this. thanks to you all for your opinons . what i would like to know is what is the difference between this , & the titan, or other kits with clone engines? are those engines not a honda clone also? i can make most of my own parts, mount, etc. but want to find a decent engine & drive. i guess my question is what makes a titan worth more?