Has anybody tried the new Generation 2 Starfire Kits?



Hello everybody,

I was looking through the grubee website the other day


And noticed a new adittion to their engine range:

Starfire Generation 2 cycle kit.

It has an angled spark plug fitting and a carb that fits flush against the cylinder head without any air intake manifold.


Because of the angled spark plug fitting and flush fitting carb without an intake manifold its supposed to be good for bikes with smaller v frames which is good.

My main question is because the carb now fits flush against the cylinder head, when the engine is mounted on the bike, the carb will be at an angle and not straight, will this affect the way fuel should enter the engine and will it be more prone to leaks too?

Maybe some of the experienced guys in the forum could share some of their views, thanks.



I have been wondering about a supplier as well. According to what I read at another site which promotes international commerce, the Grubee section states the the genII motors have a ferrous metel sleeved cylinder, also larger crankshaft bearings.


Hello psuggmog,

Thats right, larger bearings and metal sleeved and its supposed to have a 25% power increase too, maybe nobodys selling them yet then.

What do you think about the carb being at an angle, do you think it will cause fuel leaks..

cheers buddy...


Das New Fangled Motoren ist Verbotten in Amerika. The 2-stroke can't operate correctly on Terrorist Fuel and the sweet air of Freedom. Sooo our Imperious Leaders have protected us from the temptation of purchasin' them thangs, and to give us something else to think about, they have expanded Daylight Savings Time to start earlier and end later. Surprise! Do you know what time it is?


They are saving us from ourselves - but who will save us from them?


Look, there are ways around the import ban and I hope our current importers are smart enough to figure it out.

For example, stationary diesel generators are no longer allowed to be imported into the USA. Howeer, you can get one of these generators buy buying it in kit form consisting of nothing but replacement parts and putting it together yourself. A nice legal loophole.

So, which of the suppliers of these engines is going to offer a kit form of these new engines?


Jan 12, 2010
gen 2

hi mate i have a 48cc gen 2 with the steel lined barrel i took it to a motor shop and got it board out to 45mm as the stoke 48cc is 40mm loots more power im running a expantion chamber from a water cooled blata and delorto carb from the same bike
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