Has Anyone Else Had This Problem?!

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  1. My schwinn digital speedometer I just bought keeps resetting and/or flashing every time I turn on the engine. I moved the speedo away from the kill switch to the other side of handle bars and it does the same thing, then I took the computer and held it at least two feet away from bike.... same thing.
    I figure the electric field created by the engine and/or kill switch is effecting the computer and/or the sensor? More likly the sensor since I can move the whole computer two feet away and it still happens. Please! I'm getting frustrated! Any ideas would help. Thank You Kindly.

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    there is a lot here on this problem. i think electromagnetic.
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    The remedies are (try in sequence to cure problem)
    1) use a shielded twisted pair of wires for the interconnections between the sending unit and the speedo,ground the shield at the speedo.Twisting the wires is more important thanthe shielding.If still problems,try putting 0.1 microfarad ceramic capacitor across leads at speedometer.Keep leads short!
    2) Put kill switch as close to engine as practicable (not on handle bars),you could try that first instead of 1)
    3).Enclose CDI unit in closed steel box (steel is better for magnetic shielding) and mount it close to engine. Use only one frame ground close to engine (the black wires)
    4)Use high quality resistor wire ignition cable,reduces RF interference,but may not help much with speedo,especially if you have 0.1 microfarad cap. across input to speedometer.
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  4. Problem Fixed And More Power!!!!!!!!!

    Higher quality resistor wire off my dead volvo. I used the coil to distributor wire (8mm) to replace my spark plug wire and BAM speedo does not reset anymore and now more power:grin: and a deeper sound:grin:. YEAH!!!:cool:
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    Good work!! Way to go!! Works every time.

    What kind of dead Volvo?
  6. I believe it is a 73' or 74' station wagon
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    Great that this worked !,the plug wire is actually not all that far from the speedo receiver.This setup with the separate CDI unit is the worst of all possible worlds, RF from the ignition output to the plug plus magnetic interference from the connection to the CDI and the kill switch, on top of that a low level input from the Hall effect speedo pick up.Just a perfect electrical storm to cope with somehow.
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    so a nice big thick wire to make sure all that extra juice is channeled into my cylinder (along with a good ngk cap and plug of course) should do the trick yall say eh... AND. make it run better? perfect. precisely what i like to hear! i betcha ten to one this is the same reason bike speedos wont work properly on a pocketbike