Has anyone gotten stopped?

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  1. Canadian Biker

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    Has anyone gotten stopped and written a ticket or warned?

    You could get away with much more with the E-Bike then with a gas bike.

    I was reading an article in a mag a few months ago. They had an electric motorbike. The rider was wearing all the usual gear. They rode through Los Angeles, city parks, beside freeways etc for quite a bit of time and they got away scott clean. No eyeballs, no stares. Their bike looked like a motorbike, not a bicycle.


    Makes me reconsider E-Bike

  2. professor

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    I think from reading posts here that only E-bikes are legal to use in Canada as assisted bikes.
    You mentioned California, where assisted bikes are legal- gas and elect.
    Note- some e-bikes have a loud gear sound- Currie. Take a look on Youtube.
    I have never been stopped but I have a plate on the bike.
  3. sangesf

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    In Florida I've been stopped multiple times.
    When I first moved into my area, I was getting stopped every other day, because my electric chopper bike LOOKS like a motorcycle... After 6 months, I was only getting stopped once every two weeks. After a year, only once a month.
    Now I haven't been stopped in a while, since they all know me now and know my electric is fully compliant with Floridian law in respect to not needing a DL for an electric that isn't capable of going faster than 20mph(32kph) under power.
    Haven't been given a ticket ever, because I'm fully knowledgable on the laws and have every statute memorized and can recite it's number and definition verbatim, whether it's related to bicycling or traffic codes relating to bicycling.