has anyone have a picture of cns carb

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    i need a pic both sides of a in working order cns carb. just want to mke sure i have the hoses open that need be. also i have a stock 66cc-80cc sky hawk engine, what would be a good setting for idel and fuel mix screws, when starting for first time. cns carb.thanks

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    Good news for you.... none of the holes should be closed...all of them stay open. The hoses are for keeping dirt out.

    Screw your air screw in all the way and then out to 1 1/2 turns. From there set your idle screw to get a good idle. Lower it until it dies and just in from there is where you want it. Just in far enough to where it doesn't sound like it is going to die.

    Now you want to simulate a little throttle so turn in your idle screw until you are idling about 500 rpm faster (about 1 turn maybe).

    Turn in your air screw (clockwise) until the bike starts to die and count how many turns out that is from all the way in. Next turn the the air screw out until the bike idles as fast and smooth as possible but not past that. If you past that and nothing changes go back to where it did. Stop there!

    bring out the idle screw until the bike idles normally again. now count how many turns out the air screw is from all the way in.

    Set your air screw half way between the first and second points (where it dies and where it revs high) If it starts to die at 1/2 turn out and revs high at 2 1/2 turns out then set the screw in the middle at 1 1/2. If this setting is below 1 turn out or over 2 1/2 you have the wrong size pilot jet.