Has anyone ordered from "GASBIKE" Lately???

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  1. i seen somoething on there site, i was directed to by AMAZON i really want it and the price is rite.
    but the last time i ordered the cable was MELTED, the throttles were JUNK the mags were STRIPPED where my sprocket screwed on. chain idler ???? never got that hardware rite i gave up on it after 2 tries and went to home depot. got my stuff LIKE THAT! brand new.
    there customer relations(i wont even call it service. was HORRIBLE! I worked in C.S. & i would have FIRED EVEYONE! but I think they were the owners? idunno? Alonzo? maybe

    or whats the other name they fly under??????? some moto bike dot com crap?please give feed back because i really want this item for this price, dont wanna roll the dice, i'll put it on ice, some feedback would be nice. OK THAT'S ENUFF.

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    I ordered my first engine there, got a lot of miles out of it before it finally quit. Not sure what item in particular you want to order, can't give you a review. A little more info would do. Eggs and rice is nice, but I'd rather eat tofu. Achoo. Bless you. See ya in Peru. I play pokemon go too, I caught a Pikachu. Bless you. That wasn't a sneeze foo, I said Pikachu. Who? Pikachu. Oh me too, now where too? Peru. Can't wait to get to the airport and take off my shoe, woo-hoo...
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    Save your money and go elsewhere buddy. They are quick to sell and ship your item but wait until you have a problem and need help. Try e-mailing or calling them for support. WHAT!! They sort of disappear become ghost like so you are stuck with what you got. Returns? no such thing as you need an authorization number from them to return item, but how do you get one if NOBODY is home. Get my drift? They are on ebay under a different name like gasbikedot.net same outfit out of Van Nuys , Calif. But with e-bay they may be different as they are watch dogged by e-bay rating system so they may behave differently.
    I myself will never ever buy another item from them EVER!! Look up Gasbike.net complaints on BBB, they have like 27 bad ones and an F rating. I was lucky I got my kit with only a broken choke lever on a 4 stroke 49CC HS engine kit. They finally sent me a replacement but it was something completely different than what was on the motor carb. so go figure who you're dealing with, CRACKHEADS? They have fair prices but forget about warranty, etc.
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    Gas bike is just a scam website, go to sick bike parts, they are like gas bikes, only better!
  5. I know I've had a horrible experience with them one horrible experience!!!
    It was awhile ago and I was just wondering if anybody has heard if they were Under New Management or anything has changed.
    So I'm guessing you ordered something from there recently sir??? I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you I was out of range says no signal.
  6. P.S. What did they get you on or what did they get someone you know about on?? ( Merchandise?)
  7. And asking what in particular they burned us or with us on what type of Parks Motors like what what did you what was your experience is what I'm asking? Because I placed a rather large order and everything I mean everything was F#©€D up on my order and they refuse to work with me
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    Yes, my order was received on the 22nd of the month. Steve was my contact thru e-mail and once talked to Alphonso ? (name not sure) Told me part (choke lever) was easy to replace. But nothing since when e-mails (4) sent nor phone answered since( at least 6 times).
    Did you look up gasbike.net complaints on BBB. Its telling how these people operate when they rate an F.
    Good luck on your venture if you decide to buy from them.
  9. No I will never buy from them again I just wanted to know if they're still up to their old tricks and games And yes I dealt with outside as a while so he's a prick!
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    I would order from them, but do it through eBay, they have a sellers account, and if they screw up then they are stuck with the bill of repair.

    Maybe they are too busy trying not to f**k up their eBay orders to care about anything else.
  11. I'm sure it may be I'm sure what you're saying is correct I had one horrible experience with them, But it was just the way they lied to me and Dodge my calls. My emails wouldn't return my phone calls and continually continually lied to me over and over it was just unbelievable how they lied to me and if there's one thing I can't stand????? "IS A FRIGGIN LIER! I place my order online had everything in my shopping cart ready to check out and then I'm a phone call to them talk to him about the products I purchased in the shipping process and a few other questions because I was a newbie and still are and always will be a NEWBIE.
    When I talked to the kid on the song that says wrap it wasn't Alfonso it was some young kid he said he was nervous and that they couldn't accept Paypal that was one of the main reasons that I called I also had questions about shipping and returns and Restocking fees E
    The polite young man that answer the phone I didn't ask questions if they knew anything about building the largest everything about Motors and just upgrading how to put things together. And he replied as this, " We have a full staff here that is completely capable and knowledgeable about everything on motorbikes.
    When I received my order every single item in the Box was damaged in one way or another or not as described. IE:a Yes sir we have all the knowledge that you will need just call with your questions and we will answer you and help you with to the best of our ability . That was a line of crap because when I called back and spoke to the supervisor name Alfonso his reply was quote we are the last people in the world you want to call for information, we work and call center we don't have a warehouse here everything shipped from another building across town,
    Which was the total opposite of what the person I have spoken to when I place the order and was forced to pay with my debit card because they refuse to Pay Pal which I should have seen that is a red flag and cancelled my order.....
    We did ship some replacement parts however everything was still incomplete the only thing they got right was the head replaced one of the main cables that I purchased that was MELTED! YES. MELTED! The threads on the eggs were stripped the aluminum throttle was drunk aluminum grips with rubber on their word like plastic. & Inside Out beer cans for aluminum they were just garbage. The list goes on as I look at my statement of my debit cards - hundreds and hundreds of dollars taken for things I had to repair and replace many parts. I can go on and on but I think you guys got the picture I just wanted to know if there was any positive changes for positive orders that has been you know positive transactions lately but I don't think that'll ever change Gas Pipe and or Kings Motors are here to suck until they get shut down by themselves screwing up so many orders as nobody will buy from you anymore. To be continued at a later date
    And as always
    Have fun and be safe, wear your belmut
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    I ordered some bikes at GasBike recently. There shipping was fast but the package was broken a little. GasBike staff use paper envelopes with bubbled lining to pack the parts and they all were broken/sealed poorly so the parts were all tossing inside the big box. I didn't find one of the mounting bracket for my arch chain tensioner. I sent several messages to the email about that problem and still got no reply.

    ALTHOUGH, when making an order I occasionally choose sprocket adapter of wrong size and after two or three e-mails someone from the store answered that they've noted my messages. It didn't mean they replaced the adapter, but yes - they really did.

    All in all, I'm satisfied with the parts and shipping cost, but the customer support is not the thing GasBike could be proud of.

    P.S.: Can anyone suggest some other online-store with the same rage of products which ships to Russia? ;)
  13. I have a suggestion, you can order from one of the companies that ships directly from China. People do that here in the States because it's a lot cheaper but it takes a long long time to get here to America.
    But you being in Russia. If they were secured advantage, shop an eBay or Amazon and look for the parts that you need And when you find one that says ships from China that's where you order from. It's always cheaper when we order from China but it can take up to a month and a half Two two months to get your products in the United States. A lot of people do that here and in the States because they know they're going to need something in the future so they will reorder it so they have it.
    I ordered from a place named.
  14. Continued from First post. I ordered from a company that goes by the name of. banggood.com it will take a long LONG time to GET your parts and they do reply via email but its not the best customer service but you will get your parts bubble wrapped in a box. My friend orders from there and he is happy with there products . I don't know about returns or damages because he has not had any of those problems yet. Just poor communications. No phone contact.
    Good luck and thanks for your reply.
    Your friend from U.S.A.
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    Thanks for the advice, WINDY CITY BOB. China is our neighbour and it usually takes from 7 to 30 days to deliver parcels from there to Russia. Of course I prefer to order directly from China - it comes cheaper, but not as fast as FedEx, but the package is always OK and even the customers support is usually great. More of that, we have several little local stores where you can always find some spare parts, gaskets, bearings, even complete engine kits. But when it comes for special parts such as chain tensioners or sprocket adapters, I have no choice but to order them at the mentioned GasBike. At least I didn't find any of them in Chinese online-stores. I suppose these custom parts are made in the USA. Or maybe I'm wrong?..

    Oh, I wanted to mention that I use www.aliexpress.com, which is enormously popular among Russians for buying all kinds of things. There're plenty of spare parts for Chinese 80/66cc engines there.
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  16. there is a company named. There is a company in Milwaukee Wisconsin that I use
    mbrebel. Com. They have just about everything, The website however does not show their full inventory so if there's something that you want you have to ask them if they have it and I'm sure they do. There is a woman there named Lynn she is very helpful she will talk to you via email back and forth and answer any questions that you have in detail. There's quite a bit of their stuff that's made in America also right on site at their shop. What I suggest is send them an email or put something in the basket or an order and contact them and see if they ship to Russia
    Best regards

    P.S. You're English is impeccable! Have you lived there your entire life? Just curious my friend.
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    Unfortunately MBRebel do not ship to Russia, that's why I'm stuck with GasBike - because they do, in spite of an awful customers support. And I can't find any other store which sells curved clutch arm, for example.

    P.S. Thank you for appreciation of my English, it's very important for me. I've been studying it more than 10 years and I'm sure it's not perfect yet. Definitely more practice is needed. But as long as you understand these words - that is kind of an achievement for me, isn't it? :)

    Best regards,
  18. If you wouldn't have told me I would have never known you were from Russia. And I mean that!
    The funny thing is you speak better English than a lot of people here that I was growing up in America. LMAO!!!!
    But back to getting your parts why can't you order like off of eBay or Amazon and they have companies there that are directly from China? It takes forever for them to get to the States because they have to go by Steamboat or in a container ships. And shipping is almost always free. Their customer service sucks too but you'll get it for half the price. But at least they reply via email then I will answer your questions so their customer service is pretty good due to the fact that they will communicate with you via email just not on the phone. And who the heck wants to call China anyways? I think that's your best bet Besides that's where all this stuff is made anyways.
    Best regards from Chicago
  19. P.S. I use voice recognition software and I don't always check my postings before I send them. So sorry if my English is not so good sometimes. My fingers don't work so well on these tiny phone keyboards.
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    Dear Bob, yes, you're absolutely right - it's cheaper and easier to get parts from China rather then order it through endless number of trading agents. But when it comes for special parts, custom made, such as cylinder heads or early mentioned curved clutch arm, it's impossible to order them from China, due to they're made in USA. I've recently checked how much would it cost to get a custom chain tensioner from BikeBerry: $50 for a part itself and $145 for international shipping. If I was sure about the sufficient demand on a local market for these parts I'd start a small manufacture right then and there!