Has anyone registered there bike gas or electric as a moped?



In Illinois

1) You must have a valid drivers licence
a) for a car if under 49cc's
b) for a small motorcycle if between 49 and 150 cc's
c) for a big motorcycle if above 150cc's
2) You must have a title for the moped
3) You must register the moped with the state
4) You most have plates on the moped
5) You must have insurance for the moped.

How do you get a title for a bicycle that you install a motor on and has no VIN#?
I'm sure I can't get insurance without a title or VIN#.

Anybody been thru this process?

I'm still thinking about going with a electric hub motor might be easier to get by without the hassle of a title.


Hi there,
I've been thru this process in Ontario. It's pretty easy. Actually the local community police station helped me out. I borrowed their "engraver" (which is usually used for anti-theft labelling purposes) and engraved a the same serial number found under my bicycle frame onto the motor. I then registered with the VIN# (I think it's one of the smallest and unique vin#'s in Ontario.) If you wanted you could make the vin number have your initials or a bad word!?! After registration you get insurance. Then you go back and get plates. Good luck.


hi cycle pat

id like to know how you got through the safety inspection station? re lights dot tires signals lights etc.thanx lookin forward to discussion.:-/


In Illinois....

How do you get a title for a bicycle that you install a motor on and has no VIN#?
I'm sure I can't get insurance without a title or VIN#. ...
I'm in IL too, and I've already looked into this. By going to the local office, and then by email with the Springfield office.

Basically, if you put a motor kit onto a bicycle yourself, there's no way to register it as a motor vehicle in IL now. If it could be done in the past I don't know, but I have been assured that there's no way to do it now.

The issue gets "sketchy" if you have a vintage motorized bicycle--specifically one that came from the manufacturer with an engine already on it. Putting a motor kit on a vintage bicycle doesn't count; "home builts" do not count at all no matter how old they were, only those that were commercially made and sold with engines attached. In that instance, it may be possible for you to register it as a moped if you wish, and you can show that the IL dept of motor vehicles did issue titles and registrations on that vehicle type in the past.


The Illinois legislature seems blissfully unaware of the existence of motorized bicycles.
In the US, you must check with your state's DMV to see what the laws are. Different states do not have the same laws, nor do they even use the same definitions and terminology. You shouldn't read what one state does and just assume that "this is the same way the others do it".
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I'm going to try and answer all the questions here. I've read through DougC's response and I must second every idea. However, sometimes one can become inspired or motivated when you learn how things are done in another part of the world. I hope this answer your question Beast775.

I too, in Ontario, was told the same thing in regards to my electric bicycle, back in the day when the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) kept refusing everyone and anyone as soon as we/they said electric.

Now, in Ontario, there are apparently no safety requirements for registering a moped. Nevertheless, I did bring my vehicle for inspection. Here most small vehicles, (cars, vans, motorcycles) are inspected at private garages. I paid the mechanic 60$ for the appraisal and the "inspection". The only reason this was needed was for the insurance company and that was it! Supposedly there is no law that requires a vehicle inspection, here in Ontario, for the registration of a MOPED (Motor assisted bicycle). In fact, as the MTO representative stated "You could be registering a 60' mobile home as a moped and we wouldn't know. Are we supposed to go check it? We don't inspect the vehicle or have time. It’s up to you to tell the truth." So, drop off a sworn affidavit stating that you are the manufacturer of the vehicle. Incorporate all bills, vin#, make, model, appraisals, etc.

In Ontario there is a section within your Automobile Insurance that requires your current insurance company to insure any newly purchased vehicle, so long as you advise them as soon as reasonably possible. (I think it's up to 14 days but don't quote me on that one and do check your current automobile insurance policy – That’s the standard Ontario - OPC1). Send them your motor-vehicle’s info (Or Moped info).

Once they, if they do realize, it's homebuilt, they'll probably refuse to insure your new vehicle because of some subclause "modified vehicle". Now if you wish you could start a legal battle here... In Ontario that might be justified because of the way things are defined. Nevertheless, with that letter of refusal, tell them you require facility insurance (the last resort). They'll probably refuse again. So, find a broker... no insurance company, from a study I did in 2004, will offer facility, so you will need to find a broker.

I also had a few other interesting tricks up my sleeve. Which I think I may publish on my website (for copyright issues). This info will pertain to the name of your vehicle.
But in short: The vehicle I own currently meets 2 definitions.

It meets the federal safety requirements for a "power-assisted bicycle" as define in the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulation (MVSR) Section 2. It also meets the term “motor-assisted bicycle” as defined in the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) Section 1, of Ontario. So technically, I own a power-assisted bicycle and a motor-assisted bicycle. It's both!

If you have trouble registering, don’t fuss; just ask them for a letter. Usually they’ll smarten up quite quickly and stop with any bull****. Remember, it's hard to prove discrimination when it's you’re word against theirs, but if it’s written down on paper, now that’s pretty good evidence! I must agree that perhaps there may be some form of discrimination against a homebuilt mopeds vs. commercially built mopeds, however, if you follow the above steps and you still encounter this problem I believe, you should have enough to go to the courts and ask for some sort of judicial review. But, that's for Ontario and not IL. I just realized the first post by Red, specifies IL, so... that's the US... Not Canada... Aren’t the laws for your Bill of Rights a little different... The right to bear arms? etc?
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legal unlegal?

very descriptive answer excellent.ive been up to my----in the legal jargon here in bc,when i was in ontario i would just buy a safety certificate homebuilt.very easy underground to do but im in bc now and the;ve got a chokehold on the descriptive legislature which puts mopeds in with 1000 cc motorcycles in the same class which is safety issue ie lights horn turn signals hi low beam brake lights running lights etc,,,they do have a ubuilt status in bc,which can be obtained but then they mark it as a full size motorcycle!when you go in for certifacation.im diggin deep and will find a way but not just yet,any info or help would be greatly appreciated,i seen youve done your homework .thanx:cool:could you pm me your website,cyclepat.