Has Anyone Retrofit An Electric Starter?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 5-7HEAVEN, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. 5-7HEAVEN

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  2. Hawaii_Ed

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    Looking at that setup, I think it'd actually work on your engine. It goes on the clutch side, and the "trans" would unbolt fine. Those also act as generators, and with an X7 voltage regulators it should easily charge the battery and even power a scooter type lighting system!

    scooter parts has the starter solenoid:

    they call this a relay, but I think it is the regulator:

    And even the whole wiring harness is here:
  3. augidog

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    very interesting...it would piggy-back on my gebe/tanaka with minor mods i think, unless they've just reworked the crank to accept the existing x-7 starter/generator mentioned by Ed. if that's the case, i'll pass, having already spent and lost a lot of cash trying that one.

    i'll be watching to see if anyone finds it as a separate piece, sucessfully sandwiches it onto a standard 76mm clutch system, & works out the wiring.
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