Has anyone seen a 2 stroke Toro snowblower motor used on a bike?

David Bogle

Jan 11, 2016
Recently I've been thinking about a 2 stroke with electric starter, then I realized that I have an old Toro snowblower that starts with one pull, I decommissioned it last year because the handle has gotten too bent up over its many years of service, its starter stopped working years ago but I'm sure it can be fixed easier than trying to retrofit a Chinese 2 stroke and the most appealing bonus is that it looks like an old board racer when stripped down. I'm not sure of the cc's yet (3 / 3.25 hp) but I think this might be my next project and if it works well the pawnshop is full of them at $70. apiece. The smaller Toro requires you to plug it in to 110 outlet to use the electric starter, possibly if I were to buy a small power inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter of an automobile, utilize its internal parts wired to a 12 volt motorcycle battery it would produce the necessary current for continued starts , it may take a dynamo or a stepp motor to charge the battery, better yet, turn the hub motor concept into a hub generator.


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Nov 1, 2015
And it would be 4-7hp compared with 2hp for a chinese motor. Hang on!

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