Has anyone taken the driving test on an MB in CA?



So far, I have only read on here that people have gotten their plates and have taken the written test but I have not heard of anyone taking the driving test on an MB.

But has anyone ever taken the driving test on and MB in California?
Do you still have to have functioning headlights, taillights, horn?

Interesting question, I'll be interested to see if anyone responds. I'm afraid I don't have anything super-useful to add, since I just scheduled an appointment to take the written and get my m1/m2 learner's permit.

My own plan is to take one of the 2.5-day motorcycle schools, which will get me two things:
* exposure to useful two-wheeler skills and knowledge
* exemption from the DMV test because the end-of-class test is accepted as an alternative

That way, I'll end up with better driving skills, an M1 endorsement, and I won't have to spend a moment worrying about what I'm going to ride in the DMV test and how it needs to be equipped. (The motorcycle school supplies the ride, problem solved.)

Downside: moto school is $250. All of the moto riders I know say it's worth it, though.

no I haven't taken the test either
thinking that it should not be a problem on a MB
but - would at least want that little Calif MB license plate a hanging
even though some are not real sure what they are
we are suppose to have plate in Calif

another reason -- the one (DMV) person giving the test
may ask where your turn lights, horn and all of the other thing missing are ???
if you have a true under 2 hp MB -- you don't need that stuff

makes it nice when you wish to ride that thing Mountainman