Has anyone tried out the cyclone kits from Taiwan?

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    I saw the video on youtube of a guy supposedly going 75 mph:D with his Double 1500W 3 chainwheel Motorized Kit from Cyclone-tw.com The kit is $850, and I'm thinking about getting one, however, the whole site seems kind of sketchy, and I can't find any reviews about them. Does anyone know anything about these kits? It would be a pretty big investment because i would only mount this on the strongest bike, possibly a custom frame.

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    I have read that Cyclone-Taiwan is cheaper, but Cyclone-USA.com has better service.
    Lot's of info on Cyclone kits on Endless-Sphere.com forums (non-hub motor category, Cyclone thread).
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    cyclone makes kits from 2 different motors, the 500w and the 1000w ( roughly speaking ) .. the smaller black motor with planetary reduction is " ok " as a power assist.. but not a powerhouse... the 1000w/1500w motors are directly driven to the chain vis a small sproket but is alot more powerfull..

    Problem with running 2 of the bigger motors is you need enough battery to feed it.. and i assure you that at high speed you burn thru a full charge real quick unless you load up on a huge capacity pack. So plan on either short range or opt for a motorcycle frame for the room you need for the batteries lol..

    Cheaper from taiwan, and most of the help you will need can be had on forums like these.
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    Cyclone powerfull kits

    More information about Cyclone fast electric bikes and new bike kits also you can find in
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    Cyclone motors

    I have tested a lot of Cyclone kits, because i am a diller and the conclusion is that the bigger motors are better.
    1st, because the speed is easy and the motor does not push
    2nd, because the prices are too close, from the 500W to 1680W, you can see it here:
    In general the price is just 75.36$ more for the 1680 geared motor which also has an external controller 100A Kelly