Sprockets Has anyone used a Rear Hub made for a Disc Brake and attached a gear instead.

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    I am building a recumbent (similar to the Infinity Recumbent) with a Honda motor with rear wheel drive.
    Has anyone used a modern cassette Rear Hub made for a Disc Brake and attached a gear instead of the disc brake. To run the chain drive.
    Similar idea is at with front wheel drive in this picture.

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    the 5:1 xmission is smaller, but, I would think that the belt reduction is quieter... Maybe more efficient, too.

    Here's Andyinchville's initial thread on the subject (with photos)

    Here's a thread posted by a member who built an adapter & used the ragjoint materials as a 'standoff.' If you wanted a more 'solid' approach, you could use short metal standoffs instead. That way, the alignment wouldn't be affected by the torque used on the mounting hardware. (If one side of the material was compressed more, it would make the sprocket 'wobble' from sude to side.)

    This person shows a disc adapter he made to mount a freewheel sprocket here. For left hand drives, you would need a left-hand thread freewheel & adapter, though.
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